pandora bracelets More women enrolling in cabine

More women enrolling in cabinetmaking program

He remembers one female student from 15 years ago who was having a lot of trouble escaping sexism and the false assumption that women can’t work in trades. He says that attitude is a thing of the past now.

MacDonald says the industry is thriving and many female graduates often share their success stories with him, including one who is considered the cabinet expert at her job in Halifax.

Another one of his graduates went on to start her own business and was invited to the Toronto International Film Festival to show off her work as part of one of their gifting lounges. Instead of gift bags, they offer full rooms of goodies for the celebrities who attend the festival.

The program typically accepts 16 students and MacDonald is pretty sure all of last year’s are already employed.

“When they leave here, they have the skills to get a variety of jobs.”

The program is a stepping stone for many avenues of woodworking. Many students go on to make cabinets, but some other options include making furniture and shipbuilding.

For Cassie Book, it pandora bracelets offers refuge from the stresses of customer service.

She’s a hands on person and says she’s never been interested in office work. She wants to be able to work for herself, so she decided to give the one year program a try.

“I grew up around tools,” she says of why the program attracted her. She notes it requires more attention to detail and that could be a reason why females like it.

“It attracts more women than carpentry. It’s almost kind of like art.”

Many of the women entering the program have similar reasons.

Generally, they were ready for changes from their previous jobs and wanted to be in control of their work.

Maggie Scott was one of those people. She needed an escape and cabinetmaking supplies that.

“It’s weird to think of a wood shop as a quiet place,” she says, pandora bracelets explaining that it’s an internal process that allows her to relax.

Michele Stirling loves the feeling of knowing she made something she can use.

She also says woodworking serves as a connection to the past.

“You feel like you’re doing something people did hundreds of years ago.”

It’s hard to kno pandora bracelets w what prompted this years’ shift in enrolment, but many of the women believe it’s due to an increase in the value of trades.

Book says the cost of university could be driving more women away from that road into much cheaper options.

MacDonald believes it could be due to the job opportunities the Maritimes have to offer.

At a time when people are heading out west to find work, accreditation in woodworkin pandora bracelets g allow them to stick around, especially with the focus on shipbuilding in the province right now.

MacDonald says he has four or five graduates working on yachts.

This year’s female and male cabinetmaking students will learn about their materials, how to use hand and power tools, blueprinting, computer training, finishing techniques, shop safety and communication tools to help them better find a job.

pandora bracelets More women enroll for CAT 2013

More women enroll for CAT 2013

New Delhi, Oct 10: The overall registration for the Common Admission Test (CAT) has declined, but the number of women applicants has increased over two years, an off pandora bracelets icial said on Thursday.

“The rise in number of candidates with two or more years of work experience registering for CAT has also increased from 13 percent in 2012 to 16 percent this year,” CAT convenor Rohit Kapoor said.
pandora bracelets
“In 2012, Prometric and the IIMs delivered 191,642 CAT exams. This year we expect similar participation as seen by the registration numbers,” said Soumitra Roy, general manager of test development and test delivery solutions provider Prometric India.

CAT 2013 will be conducted over 20 days from Oct 16 to Nov 11.

Candidates take the pandora bracelets CAT examination for entering IIMs and several other m pandora bracelets anagement institutes.

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pandora bracelets More ways to sneak a bit more

More ways to sneak a bit more health and fitness into your weekly routine

1 Logging several weekly workouts doesn’t give you permission to sit on your butt the rest of the time. Sitting for hours at a time can mess with your metabolism, circulation, sleep and more. If you suspect you sit too much (and most of us do), set a calendar alert on your phone for every hour to remind you to get up, even if it’s just to visit the water fountain.


2 For active entertainment without the need to bundle up, channel your inner kid and spend an afternoon or evening a pandora bracelets > pandora bracelets t the local rock climbing gym, roller skating rink, batting cage, bowling alley, or even the skeeball lanes at the arcade. From a health perspective, it beats heading to the movies for the 5th time this winter.3 No matter how strong or fit you are, lugging around a heavy handbag or briefcase can be a real pain in the neck (and back, and even cause headaches). Switch sides regularly so one arm isn’t getting all the work, and hold the bag as close to your body as possible to minimize swing and t pandora bracelets orque on your spine. If your bag is so heavy that you find yourself leaning over, it’s time to pandora bracelets downsize (if possible), or split your stuff into two bags and carry one on each side.