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Neko Case tops this week

The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love YouSure, that title is a Fiona Apple like mouthful. But ultimately it fits. Indie pop siren Case fearlessly and relentlessly personal sixth album has much to say about giving in to grief (both her parents died), accepting your solitude, embracing your emotional wounds and ultimately, rising Phoenix like and invincible from your own ashes. Heartbreaking and gorgeous, by any name.

Nine Inch Nails

Trent tentative? No chance. But deliberate and measured? That another story. After a five year layoff, king of pain Reznor comes back haunted but also more mature, restricting his industrial st pandora charm rength output in favour of gloomy death disco, downwardly spiralling goth balladry and even a blast of soaring noise pop. But make no mistake; he still gets under your skin and draws blood. Don hesitate.

SKIP ITSongs From St. As in metal kings like Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Dio, Zeppelin, Maiden and Metallica. Becau pandora charm se there no getting around the fact that M. Shadows and the rest of these Huntington hard rockers unabashedly worship at all their altars on their derivative sixth disc. This anthology is another story. Despite its title, the bulk of its 24 tracks from working versions of hits like Maggie May to the orchestral Pinball Wizard have already appeared on other compilations. The Scottish da pandora charm nce punks retrace their steps for their fourth disc, paring away their loftier ambitions of late to resurrect the sharp songcraft, spiky bounce and arched wit of old. Fans couldn have it much better than this.

Goodie Mob

Age Against the Machine

Freak pandora charm you. And freak her too. Cee Lo reunites with his old Atlanta crew for their first LP in 14 years and they pick up where they left off with a funky, freewheeling and fast paced batch of socially conscious raps, buoyant soul pop and ear candy sonics.

pandora charm Neither Ford Nation candidate

Neither Ford Nation candidate deserves your vote in Etobicoke

Tomorrow, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday will square off against Coun. Peter Milczyn. Both members of Mayor Rob Ford executive committee, they the two leading contenders in a race to fill a vacant provincial seat in the riding of Etobicoke Lakeshore.

Politically, I mean. Politics aside, there are some differences between the two. Holyday is older. Milczyn is shorter. Holyday was recently pictured in a Delorean pandora charm . Milczyn, in 2010, celebrated a narrow election night victory pandora charm by reportedly drinking a lot of scotch. Differences!

But if you the kind of voter who likes to mark pandora charm your ballot based on a candidate actual policies, the similarities between the two are striking. According to my most recent City Council Scoreard tracking council votes this term, Holyday has supported Ford on 98.73 per cent of major items that have come before city council this term. Milczyn has supported the mayor 88.16 per cent of the time. The council average is just 51.73 per cent.

Milczyn and Holyday have voted the same way on most items. They voted to eliminate the Vehicle Registration Tax. They voted to close a library in 2011. They voted to eliminate the bike lanes on Jarvis Street. They voted for the Scarborough subway extension without a plan to pay for them.

They even stood with the mayor on votes where a majority of councillors went against Ford, generally supporting the mayor budgets even as council has voted to rewrite them and reverse spending cuts.

The occasions where Milczyn and Holyday voted differently are so few that I can actually list them all.

In 2011, Holyday voted with the mayor to try to eliminate the city Aboriginal Affairs Committee. Milczyn opposed.

In 2012, when TTC chair Karen Stintz responded to Gary Webster firing by asking council to dissolve the TTC board, Milczyn supported her. Holyday did not.

Later in 2012, when David Shiner brought a surprise motion forward to ban plastic bags in the CIty of Toronto, Milczyn (also surprisin pandora charm gly) went along with it. Holyday refused because he likes bags.

When the provincial government asked council to approve a master agreement laying out the plans for LRT in the city, Holyday opposed it along with the mayor and nine others. Milczyn came out in support. (He later change his mind.)

In October 2012, Holyday moved a motion driven by the mayor testy relationship with the city ombudsman that would have had staff look at finding efficiencies at the city accountability offices. Milczyn opposed him.

During the 2013 budget process, Holyday opposed adding funds to maintain student nutrition programs and 264 new childcare spaces. Milczyn approved of both.

Also during that budget process, Milczyn supported a Ford backed compromise on potential budget cutbacks at the city fire department essentially delaying any cuts until after the release of reports. Holyday voted in favour of making cuts now.

During the debate on transit revenue tools this spring, Holyday supported a motion that would have seen council clearly reject all such taxes, tolls and fees. Milczyn opposed.

Holyday rejected a sensible move toward needed electoral reform when he voted against asking the province to allow ranked ballots in municipal elections. Milczyn, to his credit, voted in favour.

Beyond their records, Holyday also wins points for consistency. With him, there no doubt that his record on the council floor reflects his personal ideology and principles. Sure, that ideology is such that I never suggest voting for him, but still: his consistency is a plus. With Milczyn, there a constant sense that he being led by political forces more powerful than his own convictions. Milczyn, like a lot of card carrying Liberals on council this term, has seemed too eager to fall in with Ford Nation.

In the mad dash to the by election, his campaign is now trying to change that, promoting Milczyn as a better choice because he doesn have Holyday close ties to the mayor. But that narrative conveniently brushes aside Milczyn own voting record, and voters shouldn let him get away with it.

With these by election races having no direct bearing on the future of Premier Kathleen Wynne minority government, there little reason to vote strategically tomorrow. Choo.

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Neither current nor future sanctions against Russia will help Washington comments

Obama is firing his generals and officials in charge of the us military. It could be that they are not doing what he asks them to do, such as not going along with his plans to overthrow the us into his dictatorship. He is definitely nuke ing the us internally and pandora charm doesn’t want any disenters around. The us is quickly moving into a dictatorship. Listening to the television news is sickening. Every channel is same lies over, and over. Those fema camps weren’t put there for nothing. I wonder how his proposed new civilian army is doing? The police are shooting civilians now for no reason every where you look.

Chris Riley 04.04.2014 19:06 . I don’t see our cities building sidewalks and new streets Or homes, p pandora charm lanting trees and fixing water lines. So broke. Hardly think that Washington has any money. They are just making up lies to the American Public to believe we are doing well. US see’s Russia upending the post WWII international order as dangerous to a stable Europe.

To put simply, it is very worrying to see Ru pandora charm ssia using its military to occupy and annex territory using justification from the Third Reich. Many Americans lives have been lost in Europe fighting wa pandora charm rs of empires and fascism and see a rise of a fascist and expansionistic Russia as very dangerous.