pandora charms Man Arrested with Replica Hand

Man Arrested with Replica Handgun

A 27 year old Nanaimo man was arrested yesterday afternoon after being found in possession of a handgun which later was determined to be a replica.

At approximately 2:45 PM on Monday October 29th, officers stopped a vehicle near the intersection of Selby at Albert St as they pandora charms had information a male pandora charms in the car was in possession of a firearm. Officers surrounded the car and commanded the male to step out of the vehicle. As he exited from the passenger side, the butt end of a handgun could clearly be seen protruding from the waistband of his pants.

A short scuffle ensued as officers attempted to arrest him and remove the firearm from his possession. Once in custody the handgun was examined and only then pandora charms did officers realize it was a replica pellet gun. Officers commented it closely resembled their RCMP issued service pistol.

This man placed himself in a extremely precarious situation by having this replica handgun in his possession and by displaying it in the manner he did. He is very lucky our members displayed the restraint they did in dealing with pandora charms him ,said Constable Gary O of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Dustin Derreck PACHECO was held in custody overnight and this morning he appeared in Nanaimo Provincial court. One charge of Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace was laid against him. PACHEO is still in custody and a decision is expected later today on whether he will be released or remanded into custody.

pandora charms Man arrested with multiple bag

Man arrested with multiple bags of marijuana in his car

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdDRUG INVESTIGATION, MAYFIELD ROAD: On the morning of March 8, police were in the parking lot of Brush High School as there had been threats of violence against some students.While in the lot, police saw a car, occupied by two people and that had been parked for some time, leave. Police followed and eventually pulled over the car. Driving was a man, 20, of South Euclid, and in the passenger seat a girl, 17, also of South Euclid.The driver informed police he had a suspended license. He was known to police from past incidents involving marijuana. On his lap, officers could see marijuana and could smell its odor inside the car.A search of the car revealed 16 bags of the substance. The girl was released from the scene as the man pandora charms was arrested. He is being held for drug offense investigation and was cited for driving with a suspended license. March 7 noticed the side door open at a vacant home. Further investigation revealed 20 feet of copper pipe had been cut out and removed from the home basement. Damage was estimated at $300. March 7 to Chief Auto Wash where the business manager found in the cash drawer a counterfeit $50 bill. It was not known when the bill was accepted, although the manager told police it could have been taken up to six days earlier. March 5 at Giant Eagle heard the store ala pandora charms rm activate as a woman left the store. The officer stopped the woman and asked her if there was anything in her bag that may have caused the alarm to sound. She responded she had two bottles of lotion and a tropical fruit cocktail in the bag for which she had not paid. The items totaled $22.The Cleveland woman, 47, was cited for theft and issued a criminal trespass warning for Giant Eagle.THEFT, MAYFIELD ROAD: On the morning of March 10, a plain clothes loss prevention officer at Giant Eagle watched as a woman took out of her purse two Giant Eagle bags, then proceeded pandora charms to fill the bags with merchandise.The officer approached the woman and identified himself. The woman turned to walk away, but the officer managed to take from her the bags.The woman left the store and drove away, but the officer wrote down her license plate number.Police later spotted the vehicle being driven on Liberty Road and made a traffic stop. The woman told police she was frightened by the loss prevention officer following her, so she left.She further said she was going to pay for the items in the bag, which totaled $38, but had no answer when asked why she had the bags in her purse.The South Euclid woman, 33, was cited for theft and issued a criminal trespass warning to stay away from Giant Eagle.South Euclid and University Heights police spotted the man car and made a traffic stop. It was found the suspect, 62, of Cleveland, stole $111 worth of energy drinkIt was also found his police record included 63 prior arrests, including 23 for grand theft an pandora charms d 18 for theft as well as several that were drug related.

pandora charms Man arrested while standing be

Man arrested while standing beside bagofstolen loot

Wit pandora charms hin 45 minutes of a burglary in Saanich on Sunday, Victoria police found a bag of the homeowner’s belongings and arrested one of three men believed pandora charms to be responsible.

Saanich pol pandora charms ice spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen on Wednesday commended the officers for their work, saying charges are likely to come for the three people believed to be involved, including one prolific offender who was on parole. on Sunday, according to Jantzen, who said the men denied owning the bag.

The bag contained several items, including a computer and jewelry, stuffed inside a pillow case.

Investigators are obtaining fingerprint records of all three men, who are well known to police, but such a connection may not be necessary for charges, according to Jantzen.

“If they can connect it forensically, great, but if not, there are other avenues to pursue charges through the doctrine of recent possessions,” he said.

When the Saanich resident arrived at his home Sunday afternoon, he heard noises upstairs and called police immediately. Officers secured the home and determined someone had broken a window at the back of the pandora charms house to get inside.

The man arrested was held in custody for breaching his parole.

He is on probation for prior property offences and on parole for a host of other offences, Jantzen said.

People can be found in breach of their parole for being in possession of stolen property or even for associating with certain people they are prohibited from seeing, Jantzen said.