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New Albuquerque police shooting probe sought

police oversight panel members on Tuesday demanded an independent investigation into the fatal police shooting of a homeless man as video footage from the altercation brought further condemnation from across the state. Speaking a day after Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry called video of the shooting “horrific,” Police Oversight Task Force members said a new investigation was needed to examine the death of James Boyd. Members said they wanted an independent review of Albuquerque police and the Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Police said Boyd had threatened to kill officers and held onto knives as an unarmed K 9 officer approached him. A helmet camera video showed Boyd gathering his belongings then turning away right before officers fired following a long standoff where Boyd claimed he was a federal government agent. Justice Department investigation involv pandora earrings ing the use of force and three dozen officer shootings fatal 2010. But most of the shootings weren’t caught on video because the department didn’t start requiring officers to wear lapel cameras until May 2012. Videos of other police shootings have generated small protests, but the latest video footage has drawn fire from local and state elected officials and various civil rights groups. A protest Tuesday evening in downtown Albuquerque drew a crowd from around the city and Santa Fe. Some chanted “We want justice,” while others held signs that read “APD is guilty” as they marched for a few blocks to police headquarters. The demonstrators filled the streets, blocking traffic as they went. “I think the helmet cam has a lot to do with it,” said Hans Erickson, vice chair of the task force. “It’s so important for us to have as much information on these kinds of shootings as we can.” Erickson said the footage allows the public to see what happened wit pandora earrings hout having to rely solely on accounts of police and witnesses. The shooting even gained the attention of New Mexico Senate Democrats, who said Albuquerque police officers needed better training. “It’s shameful that we are not better preparing these officers to handle all situations that come their way,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, D Belen. “Unfortunately, it is at the expense of precious lives.” Police said the Boyd shooting is being investigated by five outside agencies. Berry announced Monday he asked Las Cruces police to join the investigation and told Justice Department officials they were free to review any files on Boyd’s death. “The problem is, yes, we need an pandora earrings independent investigation in this incident. But there have been over 20 other incidents,” said Alan Wagman, a member of the task force and a criminal defense attorney. The Police Oversight Task Force was created by the Albuquerque City Council to help review the police oversight proc pandora earrings ess. Their list of recommendations, including allowing a commission to give policy recommendations directly to the police chief, is scheduled to go before city councilors, said chair Andrew Lipman.

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New Album Release

Although Josh Turner’s latest album bears the title of Punching Bag, the album as a whole is much more about family, love and faith. Still, the beauty of this song collection is Josh’s versatility. From sounds of blue grass to influences of Johnny Cash and George Jones, Turner manages to get a little bit of everything in this one. And he does it well.

Turner begi pandora earrings ns his latest album with an upbeat anthem called “Punching Bag.” In the song, Josh vents about the difficulties life places on him as an artist the pressure and competition of the music industry. After telling his wife one night that he felt like life was beating him up, he immediately got the idea for a song, and “Punching Bag” followed soon after tha pandora earrings t. Although it is a song about when the going gets tough, Turner brings it home with encouragement as well. Everyday life is a heavy weight/You can tear me up, there ain’t no doubt/But you ain’t never gonna knock me out

Following the opening song is Josh’s pre release pandora earrings d “Time is Love,” an instant radio hit in which the singer pandora earrings contemplates the value of the time he spends away from his family. The song is definitely modern and upbeat but still heavily accented with country and bluegrass influence, demonstrated by banjo and mandolin melodies.

Following “Time Is Love,” Turner once again demonstrates his ability to create a smooth sexy groove with “Deeper Than My Love.” Showcasing his notorious deep vocals, Turner does what he does best in this one.

Josh has a couple tracks on the album that are just feel good in love songs. These are light hearted tunes that seem to capture Turner’s happy marriage and love for his three little boys. “Good Problem,” “Find Me A Baby,” and “Whatcha Reckon” all take on this feel, but that’s not to say each doesn’t have it’s own unique sound!

Turner diverges from the overall feel of the album with two particularly sad, slow tracks that hearken back to a true old country sound. With whining steel guitar and piano accents, “Cold Shoulder” reminds listeners of the many lingering questions that remain after a tough breakup. “Pallbearer” is another one about being left brokenhearted, although it takes on a completely different musical feel. With a raw, western influence, it has an eerie yet beautiful ambiance.

Turner brings the album to it’s final song with a couple faith inspired songs. In “For The Love of God,” written solely by Josh himself, he talks about the life he intends to live, I ain’t tryin’ to win the praise of man/I live for the love of God. The blue grass tune features instrumentals by Ricky Scaggs. “I Was There” is a gorgeous and inspirational ballad about God’s constant love. Heavily based on the piano, the song is a moving one that will keep listeners hooked and emotionally involved.

“Left Hand Man” is the final song to wrap up the album. A feel good, up beat love song about getting married and growing old together, this song encapsulates Turner’s signature sound.

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new album is a mixed bag for fans

Released in June 2013, Megadeth’s fourteenth studio album S pandora earrings uper Collider finds the veteran metal band at a bit of a crossroads. While the album packs several tracks of classic sounding thrash, the record is also peppered with moments of experimentation and several melodic tracks that will remind long time listeners of the band’s 1999 album Risk.

The album opens with “Kingmaker”, a four minute burner that sounds like classic Megadeth, the blistering riffs from Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick, Shawn Drover’s demon drums and of course, Mustaine’s signature snarling vocals. There are other tracks that are steeped in the old school sound, including “Beginning of Sorrow”, which features some excellent opening work from long time bassist David Ellefson, and track ten, “Don’t Turn Your Back”, a three and a half minute shredder that nearly closes the album.

But the more melodic and experimental side of the band dominates the record, “Super Collider” has the squealing guitar riffs, with the structure of the song more resembling mainstream heavy rock. The echoing chorus sounds as though it was almost tailored for radio play. “Dance in the Rain” is another oddity, featuring a guest appearance from David Draiman (of Disturbed) on vocals, the band sounds almost desperate, like they’re trying to prove that they can still hip and heavy.

The last track on the album is also a bit surprising; a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat”, the first time Megadeth has a done a cover song on a studio album since 1988’s So Far, So GoodSo What. As far as covers go, it’s a fair number, the highlight coming near the end when the band captures the pandora earrings spirit of John Sykes’ guitar solo of the original.

Overall, this album is kind of a mixed bag; there are moments of classic Me pandora earrings gadeth, but too often the band sounds worn out. They have nixed the raw speed of some of their other recent albums pandora earrings to try to take things in a different direction. Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see.