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Mother arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after newborn baby is found abandoned in drain

A 26 year old mother has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after her newborn baby was found abandoned in a drain under a block of flats in Alicante.

The two day old boy, who was found wrapped in plastic bags with his umbilical cord still attached, had been trapped for up to 40 hours in a manhole where the building’s drains converged.

The tot was found alive after a neighbour alerted firefighters to what he thought was a meowing cat trapped inside the drains at around 2am on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said.

The baby, who we pa pandora jewellery ndora jewellery ighed 4.6lbs, suffered a broken arm and is said to be in a serious but not life threatening condition in hospital.

The infant suffered other injuries, the details pandora jewellery of which have not yet been released.

A police investigat pandora jewellery ion found that the young woman, whom lived in the block of flats, had been admitted to Alicante’s General Hospital on June 21 where she told medical staff she had suffered a miscarriage.

When police arrived at the hospital to question her, the mother told officers that she had tried to get rid of the baby but had not had enough money to pay for an abortion.

A police statement said the mother was under arrest and that an investigation was under way to try and discover whether she acted alone, or if a third party could have been involved.

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Mother arrested in disappearance of Cleveland 3

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdCamilia Terry was in the Cuyahoga County Jail on Monday night awaiting charges, police said at a news conference late Monday. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office was expected to conduct an autopsy this morning to determine how Emilliano Terry died.”We are treating this as a homicide instead of a missing person or an abduction,” Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said at police h pandora jewellery eadquarters. She told a police dispatcher that she and her three sons were at Kossuth Park at East 121st Street and Williams Avenue when Emilliano went missing.Police searched the family’s apartment near East 130th Street and Buckeye Road on Sunday night.FBI agents found the boy’s body Monday aft pandora jewell pandora jewellery ery ernoon inside trash bags that had been picked up from a garbage bin near the family’s apartment building at East 130th Street and Buckeye Road, police said. The agents found the body at Waste Management’s transfer station in Oakwood.The agents, members of the FBI’s Combined Abduction Response Team, had stopped a Waste Management Inc. truck while searching the neighborhood, talked to the driver and then called his bosses to ask if they could examine the contents, police said.Fourth District Commander Deon McCaulley said Terry’s story changed during questioning Monday.”The statements of Miss Terry became very inconsistent and we decided that we would further investigate her involvement in the situation,” McCaulley said.Terry’s two other boys, ages 5 and 5 months, are in the custody of the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services.Terry herself was in the custody of the county until February, said department spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan. That custody had begun in 2009.Terry called Children and Family Services in May asking for help, Madigan said. Terry is still friendly with her foster parents and her case is still open, Madigan said.The Cleveland police homicide unit is investigating Emilliano’s death. A search warrant has been obtained for the family’s apartment to seek additional evidence, Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said.Registration on or use of thi pandora jewellery s site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy PolicyThe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC.

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Mother and her three young children forced to live in car

A 36 year old woman says she has been living a pandora jewellery nd sleeping in a car with her three young children in Tallaght, Dublin, for the past week after a series of temporary housing arrangements br pandora jewellery oke down.

In the boot of Sabrina McMahon’s 2005 car are three suitcases, a buggy, nappies and baby wipes. On the passenger seat is a carrier bag of clothes, a bag of bread rolls and milk.

A friend lets her wash and do laundry in her house. “I’ve been putting the kids in their pyjamas in her house, but they had to sleep in their clothes last night.”

Michaela (3) and Chelsea (18 months) sleep in their car seats on the back seat, with Karl (5) sleeping beside them.

“I’m in the driver’s seat. I don’t put the seat back because they have so little space as it is,” she says. “When Michaela wakes for a bottle I knock on the engine to warm up the car.”

“We’re all wrecked. I’m exhausted. They ask where we’re going and I tell them I have nowhere to bring them. I feel like a hopeless parent, just hopeless.”

A spokespers pandora jewellery on for South Dublin County Council said it was “aware” of the case. “South Dublin Council does not wish to make any further comment at this stage,” it added.

Ms McMahon has been on the council’s housing waiting list for more than a year while she has been staying with family and friends. Originally from Tallaght, she brought her children back there from Athy, Co Kildare, after her relationship with their father broke down more than a year ago.

“Since then we’ve stayed with my mother, father, sister and friends. But it’s a lot to ask, to ask someone to have a whole family staying in their house.”

In addition, some of their lease arrangements did not allow them to have a family staying. “So last week I had to stop asking.”

She says she has tried to find private rented accommodation but has not been able to find a landlord who will accept rent allowance.

As the head of a family at immediate risk of homelessness, she went to the Dublin Central Placement Service last week but was told she must present at Kildare County Council for emergency housing. She says she does not want to go back to Kildare. “I’d end up isolated again. I need to be near my family and Karl goes to school in Tallaght.”

The placement service did not respond to a request from

A former dental nurse and carer, Ms McMahon says she would like to go back to work. “If I had a roof, we could get settled and I’d love to go back caring for the elderly.”

Local Sinn Fin councillor Mire Devine has been making representations on behalf of the family for the past year. “This is one of the worst cases but homelessness and housing is now the biggest issue in my clinics. It’s a tsunami and no one in Government seems to have any policy on it, any plan pandora jewellery , any direction on this disaster that is affecting thousands of ordinary people.”