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New Component Speakers

I just recently purchased new MB Quart FSA 216 Component speakers for my 98′ Dodge Dakota. I had a blown left speaker and figured why not upgrade my whole system. I am really new to the whole car audio scene and would love some info on installing this new system in my truck. There are factory tweeter locations and mid location in the door pannel. Anything to pandora jewelry be wary of when installing component speakers for the first time? Also will i need anything else for the install. I have a factory stereo/head unit, do i need new speaker wire, amp or any of the add ons that don’t come in pandora jewelry the box. Please let me know any and all information in this matter would help.

Hey K2!

If your installing the head unit, you will need an adapter harness from the truck to the new pandora jewelry unit. this way if you sell the truck and want to keep the unit you can, also you will not void the warranty witch is all but over I’m sure. Be sides that you should be set, not certain if there is a factory amp hang on, here you go 1998 Dodge Dakota Stereo Information

No amp.

it would not matter if he had an amp or not, he is just replacing the door speakers with a set of components. Heres what you do:

remove thedoor panel, remove old speaker, find a place for the cross over, the existing speaker wire goes the the input of the cross over, the “woofer” output goes to your new speaker and the “tweeter” output goes to the tweeter. For optimul results place the tweeter within 18″ of the woofer. Normal placement is on the door above the woofer, or up by the mirror on the inside if room permits. The only additional work that may be needed woul be a mount for the tweeter, but that entails cutting the door (1″ hole) to accept the tweeter mounts.

So they arrived today and sure enough i made my first attempt. to no avail. There are no crossovers in my stock system. I pulled the door panels off. removed my tweeter and mid and sure pandora jewelry enough no crossover. Also my stock set up woofer cables were not compatible with my new MB Quart woofer. I was under the impression that all i had to do was swap out old woofer and tweeter with the new ones. Please if there is another way about it, I would much rather install the new stuff myself. I would be a good project as well as learn how to do it.

pandora jewelry New company is marketing Louis

New company is marketing Louisiana

Back to Main MenuReal Estate T pandora jewelry ransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeThree local childhood friends have a new Louisiana food business that’s putting the image of Louis Armstrong on supermarket shelves and commercial kitchens across the region.The three founders of Jazzmen Rice, LLC, “all got shoved in the same station wagon” to attend Chinese Presbyterian Church when they were growing pandora jewelry up, said Egbert Ming.He, George Chin and Andrew Wong have other businesses and restaurant backgrounds, and they always wanted to do something together. The global rice shortage in early 2008 prompted them to think about rice, Chin said. It’s something people will always eat, even in a recession.Chin’s family was in the laundry business in the Carrollton area, and he ate rice three times a day. And, as New Orleanians, they ate red beans and rice on Mondays, Ming said. “We thought, ‘Louisiana’s well known for rice, let’s grow some rice, ‘ I said. ‘Let’s do the jasmine rice, we eat a lot over here, ‘” Chin said.Indeed. Long grain rice rules in Louisiana, but jasmine which is softer, stickier and more aromatic than regular long grain rice is a significant niche. Because transportation costs are less, American grown jasmine rice should cost less. (Jazzmen’s suggested retail price is $2.99 for a 28 ounce bag.)Chin’s wife suggested the aspiring rice growers contact the LSU AgCenter, so they made an appointment and drove to Baton Rouge. It was an eventful trip.LSU AgCenterAs the LSU AgCenter rice researchers in Crowley developed the jasmine type rice variety, it was dubbed “Jazzman” in the fields. There, they learned that scientists at LSU’s Rice Research Center in Crowley had been working for 12 years on a jasmine type variety suitable for Louisiana and the Southern rice growing states.Since they were halfway there, they asked the professor to call ahead for them, and the three drove on to Crowley, which is between Lafayette and Lake Charles. There, they met with associate professor and researcher Xuenyan Sha, who in turn took them to Steve Linscombe, director of the research station.”LSU made it clear to us that they didn’t know if farmers would grow it unless someone came along and said we will buy it. So we said we’ll do the investment, ” Chin said.”It’s almost like we stumbled on it, ” Ming said.”It just kind of all fell into place, ” Linscombe said.The first harvest, this past fall, was 500 to pandora jewelry ns. This year, Wong said, it will be 12,000 tons.What they are harvesting is the result of a crossbreeding program begun in 1996 between an aromatic Chinese line and Ahrent rice, an Arkansas variety, Sha pointed out. The Thai variety of jasmine rice will not grow in Louisiana pandora jewelry ‘s colder climate, which has different soil conditions and a two hour difference in the length of the days.Thai jasmine rice is famous for its cooking characteristics as well as its aroma, Sha said. News of the Louisiana rice caused a stir last year in Thailand. The Bangkok Post reported that the agriculture minister there ordered DNA tests on the Jazzmen strain to see if it violated a patent on Thai “hom mali, ” as jasmine rice is called. Since it was developed from a Chinese strain, it’s inferior, the ag minister concluded.”We do this to create new opportunities for rice producers here in Louisiana, ” Linscombe said. In fact, the aromatic rice program in Crowley dates back decades and includes Louisiana popcorn rice, as well as a basmati type released 12 years ago. The AgCenter is working on an improved basmati now.”We thought they were very personable gentlemen, ” said Linscombe of the New Orleanians who came to Crowley. “When somebody shows up on your doorstep, sometimes you’re skeptical, but after just a short time visiting with them, we understood and were convinced they were very earnest in what they were proposing. Hopefully it’s going to continue to be successful.”Is it going to totally transform the industry? Probably not, ” Linscombe said of the project. “You’ve got to remember the vast majority of rice produced in Louisiana is exported; maybe 70 percent is exported outside the United States. The rest is used domestically. But can it create some opportunity to put some more land in rice production? Absolutely. Can it create some more opportunity for guys to make some money? Absolutely.”Linscombe said the “music in your mouth” Jazzmen motto and the image of Louis Armstrong on the package “are all good stuff.”

pandora jewelry new communications chiefSh

new communications chief

She been the public face of RCBC push of a waste campaign, and has weighed in on everything from the trend to shun plastic bags to campaigning to cut down the number of disposable drink cups that go into landfills. The RCBC has also take pandora jewelry n a position opposing waste to energy incineration of municipal waste. That puts the RCBC on the same trajectory as Vancouver, which opposes Metro Vancouver interest in incineration.

Welman has also commented publicly in support of more bike alternatives in Vancouver, recalling recently the experiences she and her husband Christopher encountered with public bike rental programs in Paris and Toulouse. There also in Pulp Paper Canada that imparts her views around the value of recycling.

But does all pandora jewelry that mean that she won her job on how green she is?

Not according to City Manager Penny Ballem, who on Tuesday returned my call while she was on holidays to say Welman environmental experience was merely bonus. She said Welman rounded service in government, not for profit and corporate communication including six years at Metro Vancouver (when it was named the Greater Vancouver Regional District) will help guide the city through its communications challenges. She also noted Welman experience in social media a bonus in today digitally inclined world and in running shoestring communications departments for not for profits. That alone, I guess, makes Welman attractive to a city manager who appears determined to contain the cost and size of her bureaucracy.

Welman replaces Ryan Merkley, the Toronto communications expert hired last December on a six month contract. Merkley, who had worked for Toronto Mayor David Miller, returned to the Big Smoke at the end of his contract, and is now the senior advisor to said Mayor Miller.

Welman, who starts her job Sept. 27, told me she aware of complaints that Vancouver public consultation process leaves something to be desired. She said solving that problem is high on her agenda.

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