pandora necklace New Illegal Immigrants Crossin

New Illegal Immigrants Crossing Into Booming Nation

FOLHA DE S. PAULO/Worl pandora necklace dcrunch

URUGUAIANA Deportations, detention centers, “coyotes” helping to stow away immigrants in car trunks and boats to try to cross borders undetected. Although it may sound like a scene along the border between the United States and Mexico, this is instead the deep south of Brazil.

Uruguaiana, a town in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), is located right next to Uruguay and just across the river from Argentina. And it has now become a main crossing point for illegal immigrants hoping to enter Brazil.

In recent months, Brazilian Federal Police have arrested a growing number of people accused of providing accommodation and buying transportation tickets for undocumented foreigners looking to find a new home in Brazil. The town has about 125,000 inhabitants and is close to the main road access between Brazil and Argentina. Police suspects that immigrants come from Buenos Aires and sneak through Uruguaiana, with the aim of heading to big Brazilian urban centers like So Paulo, where employment opportunities tend to far outstrip the rest of Latin America.

According to the police, the same route is also used by foreigners bringing in imported black market goods to be sold in Brazil without paying taxes they are called “sacoleiros”, a reference to the big bags (sacolas) that are used to transport the large amount of products. Other foreigners arrive in the a pandora necklace rea with the intention of joining criminal organiz pandora necklace ations in Brazil, the police say.

Crossing into Brazil in small boats is more common in areas with a lighter police presence. Taxi drivers also help foreigners by hiding them in their cars for an e pandora necklace xtra fee. In June, a Brazilian and an Argentinean were arrested crossing the river by boat with an undocumented African man. They charged fees beginning at $100 for the service.

Perhaps the most mysterious case occurred two weeks ago. Two Chinese men were arrested for guiding 12 other people from China into Brazil. Most of them were young, none had any official identity documents. Their destiny and motivation are still unknown. One of the leaders had a fixed residence in So Paulo, according to the police. The other one had ten fake driver licenses. All 12 Chinese claimed to be tourists.

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pandora necklace New hydration pack means less

New hydration pack means less sloshing and better fit

Osprey Packs says their new Hydraulics line of backpacks, which hit the market this week, do not slosh around or push into your back.

The company’s location in the four corners region of Colorado, means its employees have plenty of opportunities to test pandora necklace out their products during day hikes near Telluride or bike treks in Moab, Utah.

During all this “research,” the company’s staff realized there was a need for a better pandora necklace hydration pack and they set out to design one that resolved all their complaints.

The company worked with water bottle maker Nalgene to build a new kind of reservoir, with the focus of making it fit users better and pandora necklace more comfortably. The water pouch is made from special material that matches the contour of your back. The company’s patented Hydralock system compresses as it empties, which minimizes water sloshing, making the pack more stable.

The compa pandora necklace ny also built a special compartment for the reservoir, so it can be inserted or removed in second. Plus, the pocket means no matter how much stuff is in the bag, there is still room for the reservoir.

The bag’s shoulder straps and hipbelt are made with stretchable materials that help to keep the bag from bouncing. The larger version of the pack offers a frame, to help distribute the weight of the water and the bag’s contents.

Osprey Packs started in Santa Cruz, Calif., but moved to Colorado in 1990, eventually settling down in Cortez.

Osprey Packswas recently selected as one of the 50 Colorado Companies to Watch by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Every Thursday 9NEWS reports about another company, highlighting its success in this difficult economy.