pandora ring Necessity is the mother of inv

Necessity is the mother of invention

If you have occasion to visit 88 year old Second World War RCAF navigator, Frank Cauley, in his 12th floor Blossom Park condo, he sees you out with a loot bag containing one item 24 sticks of Wrigley’s gum.

It is a reminder of March 10, 1944, when Wrigley’s Spearmint gum was used to plug bullet and shrapnel holes in Frank’s Sunderland Flying Boat.

Frank was a 22 year old navigator on RCAF 422 Squadron, flying Sunderland Flying Boats out of Castle Archdale beside Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. He had already completed a tour of 30 bombing raids over France and Germany and Turin, Italy. His commanding officer was Guy Gibson who was later awarded the Victoria Cross.

After 30 night bombing raids in Whitley and Lancaster bombers, Frank was “sweet talked by a smooth tongued RCAF wing commander into staying on in England”.

On his very first outing Frank navigated his Sunderland to a U Boat 500 miles off the coast of Ireland.

The Sunderland was an ungainly craft with a top cruising speed of 125 mph, but it had a long range and could stay airborne for 13 14 hours.

The plane bristled with 10 .303 calibre machine guns and carried 5,000 pounds of bombs and depth charges. The crew could electronically roll out four depth charges on rails under the wings below four Pratt and Whitney engines.

The Sunderland was feared by U Boat commanders who called it the “Flying Porcupine.”

By March 1944, the British had br pandora ring oken German Enigma codes and Frank’s flying boat was ordered to proceed to “5235 North and 2019 West,” where a German sub had shot down a Liberator bomber the previous day. After being airborne for several hours, Jimmy Rushton, a nose gunner, reported he could see a U Boat on the surface about six miles away.

The crew of U 625 was caught napping. German sailors were sunning themselves on the hull and others were swimming in the ocean. One German sailor manned a 50 calibre machine gun in front of the conning tower.

The Sunderland lumbered in, 50 feet above the waves. The preferred angle of attack was bow first, but the U Boat kept turning and the flying boat found itself approaching from the port side.

The sailor manning the machine gun peppered Frank’s plane with bullets and the huge craft “shuddered.”

The Sunderland bracketed the U Boat with four depth charges. Spray rose 100 feet in the air.

The U Boat skipper gave the order to abandon ship and an hour later it sank. Frank’s crew watched 53 German submariners climb into dinghies, never to be seen again.

Bullets f pandora ring ired at the flying boat made holes below the water line. One hole was large about six inches in diameter. There were three dozen smaller holes. The main fear was the skin could peel back and the plane might sink if it tried to land.

The flight engineer, Sergeant Ted Higgins, managed to patch the large hole with an emergency leak stopper a piece of metal that covered the hole. Three dozen smaller punctures presented a problem. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Every crew member had a package of five sticks of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum in his ration pack. Higgins asked the crew to chew like mad and give the wads of gum to him.

He used all 55 sticks to plug the holes. The pilot took the plane up to freeze the gum.

Back at base, EK591 landed smoothly and there were no leaks.

The plane’s pilot was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Frank was promoted from warrant officer to pilot officer and mentioned in pandora ring dispatches. He flew another 800 hours in the air searching for German subs in the Atlantic and in the English Channel on D Day but he never saw another one.

To this day, Wrigley’s Gum in Chicago continues to replace Frank’s stash of Spearmint gum. Back home, Frank had pandora ring a street named after him and served as an elected trustee on the Carleton Board of Education and as a councillor in the old city of Gloucester.

pandora ring Necessity Is Mother Of Handbag

Necessity Is Mother Of Handbag’s Invention

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Necessity Is Mother Of Handbag’s InventionPersonal style

The Need To Reach Her Cell Phone Quickly Led Linda Southwick To Create The Sleek But Functional Executive Bag.

October 8, 1998By Jean Patteson of The Sentinel Staff

Linda Southwick bought a cell phone for two reasons: convenience and security. On a couple of occasions she found the phone offered neither through no fault of the phone. The problem was with the handbag that held the phone.

On one occasion, she was driving along the freeway when her cell phone rang. It took her so long to locate the phone in her tote bag that she missed the call and practically lost control of her car into the bargain. So much for convenience.

Another time, she became nervous when a group of young men started following her down an empty street. Again, her phone was buried so deep in her bag that she couldn’t put her hand on it. So much for being able to dial 911 in a hurry, should she have been threatened.

So Southwick, a salesperson in the hospitality industry in Phoenix, decided to design a better handbag.

The result, which she was demonstrating at the Southern Women’s Show pandora ring in Orlando last week, is the Southwick Executive Bag. Not only does it keep all the usual handbag and briefcase contents organized, it also allows instant access to phone, beeper or can of Mace even when all the bag’s snaps and zippers are fastened.

She embarked on the bag making project a year ago. Dismantling three old handbags and a briefcase, she took scissors and a glue gun, and cut and pasted the pieces into countless different configurations. It took days of work, but finally she was satisfied with her design.

A key feature was the flap over closure that left the tops of a cell phone, beeper or Mace canister exposed for easy access. Inside, the bag had compartments for checkbook and wallet, change purse and credit cards, planner and palm size computer, eyeglasses, keys and pens.

Southwick took her patched together creation to a shoemaker, who made it up in leather. The bag attracted so much attention wherever she went that Southwick decided to apply for a patent, find a manufacturer and start marketing her invention. Six months ago the first Executive Bags rolled off the production line and Southwick hit the road to sell them at shows and conventions around the country.

The bag certainly was attracting a lot of attention at the Southern Women’s Show from men as well as women. Its unisex appeal comes from the combination of sleek, understated styling, black color and practical size.

Remarkable. It’s the bag I would design if I knew how to design the perfect bag. It holds everything, but it’s so compact,” said Judy Pagett, an office manager from Melbourne, who said she plans to order one.

Available in leather or nylon, the bag is fitted with a matching checkbook cover, key ring, change purse and necessity bag” for holding makeup or toiletries. In leather, the bag costs $199; in nylon it sells for $99. Sold separately is a seven ring day planner covered either in leather ($65) or nylon ($35).

pandora ring Necessary Elements Of Bag Simp

Necessary Elements Of Bag Simplified

Whether you’re a p pandora ring rofessional camper or brand new to the fantastic practice of outdoor camping, having a high quality sleeping bag is certainly a requirement. When you begin looking for a children’s resting bag, you’ll notice that there are all types of layouts and shades to select from. Security needs to be your main top priority when deciding on one for your child. There’s three main safety and security factors that you must consider, which are here.

Insulation When considering insulation, you need to think of where the sleeping bag will certainly be utilized. Are you going to utilize it outside under the superstars or inside your home in a homemade fort? Consider that the temperature level will be like any place your youngster will certainly be resting. One thing I discovered is that the bags with animation personalities are generally more matched for indoor usage.

You’ll discover that the majority of bags have a temperature score that could vary from 15 50 levels Fahrenheit. You need to choose a sleeping bag that has a rating about 15 20 degrees less than the most affordable temperature level you will certainly be camping in. For instance, if it acquires to 60 levels where you’ll be camping, get a bag that is ranked at 40 levels. You don’t desire your kid to obtain cool in the evening, because it will produce an undesirable trip.

The mummy design sleeping bag is generally produced oversleeping cool temperature levels due t pandora ring o the fact that the conical end generates additional thermal insulation. Rectangle shaped shaped bags are typically chillier since there’s even more vacant area.

Size and Age The following thing you should take into consideration is your child’s dimension and age. Many resting bags are produced youngsters 4 years and up. So if your youngster is younger compared to 4, you will certainly have to get innovative to figure out how you will remain them cozy while they are resting.

When I took my two year old child camping years back, I made sure she had a fleece pajama attire on and some thick socks. I likewise positioned an extra blanket inside the bag she was making use of for added insulation. Just ensure that the garments your kid rests in are proper for the climate.

Make sure that any type of drawstrings, hoods, and cords and not going to be a suffocation threat for your child. You’ll discover that most resting bag manufacturers don pandora ring ‘t consist of these points on youngsters’s bags.

If your youngster grows quickly, you can take into consideration acquiring a convertible style resting bag that could be broadened as your kid increases taller. This will certainly conserve you money given that you won’t need to purchase a brand new one yearly.

Fire Safety and security You ought to always ensure that the bag you select is fire retardant, so you will not have to stress over it being susceptible to apprehendeding on fire quickly. The majority of sleeping bags are made from polyester for the layers and liners. You’ll find that the polyester types are a little less costly than others and it analyzes much less. Polyester is flammable, so it’s addressed with a fire retardant chemical to keep it from recording fire.

An option to a polyester product is down material. Down is made from the natural fiber discovered around duck and goose feathers. Down material kinds are much more costly compared to their polyester counterparts. The good idea concerning down product is it will certainly keep you much warmer in reduced temperatures, however if it obtains wet it could take a long period of time to dry completely.

When it concerns selecting the very best resting bag for your kid, you need to keep in mind to think about exactly how warm it will certainly be, the size, and just how fire resistant it is. By doing this you won’t need to stress over your kid being warm, comfy, and protected while they sleep. The more carefree you are, the far better you’ll sleep as well!

I discovered a bunch of good details I discussed in this short article from th pandora ring e REI internet site. Check their site out for additional great details regarding choosing the finest bedroll for your children.