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Mart Shoppers Mocked

OKLAHOMA CITY shopper Craig Klein too pandora rings k a moment to mock a group of patrons in the parking lot of a local Wal Mart during his drive Thursday to the Target on the other side of the highway. “Guess it’s time for Cooter and Horlene to stock up o pandora rings n turlit paper and Cheez Doodles,” Klein scoffed on his way to purchase affordable, designer inspired bathroom supplies and a family size bag of pita chips. “They sure don’t look like they’re buying any soap, I’ll tell you that much. Oh, man, that is just sad.” Shortly after parking at his destination, Kl pandora rings ein was himself the focus of a raised eyebrow from a Volvo driver on her way to Crate and Barrel.

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Mart settle counterfeit bag dispute

The companies said Sam’s Club will pay Fendi a confidential settlement amount, and Fendi will dismiss its lawsuit against Sam’s Club.Last year, Fendi sued Wal Mart, accusing the world’s largest retailer of selling counterfeit handbags and passing them off as genuine at its Sam’s Club warehouse stores. District Court in Manhattan, said Sam’s Club stores sold knock off handbags, wallets and key chains that were identified as “genuine” Fendi products.The suit by Fendi said that Wal Mart had never purchased its products and never asked Fendi if any of the items bearing its trademark were genuine.Fendi products are typically sold at high end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States and Fendi boutiques all over the world.”During this litigation, Fendi provid pandora rings ed us information that the 12 types of bags and wallets specifically listed in its complaint were not genuine,” said Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Sam’s Club, in a statement. “We accept this information.”Sam’s Club said it has removed all Fendi labeled bags, wallets and scarves from its shelves. Customers who purchased bags, wallets, or scarves with a Fendi label at a Sam’s Club can return the item for a full refund, the co pandora rings mpany said.As of April 30, Wal Mart operated 582 Sam’s Clubs in the United States. Customers buy memberships at Sam’s Club in order to shop in the warehouses, which sell everything from bulk groceries to diamond jewelry to office supplies.Wal Ma pandora rings rt shares were up 25 cents at $50.77 in late morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Thomson Reuters journalists are s pandora rings ubject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

pandora rings Mart Reusable Shopping Bags

Mart Reusable Shopping Bags

Several months ago, I noticed in the Wal Mart ad that they had reusable shopping bags for $1 each. I had planned on fusing plastic bags into material I would make into reusable shopping bags, but the price tag on these bags got my attention. When I saw them at the store, I was impressed with their apparent strength and how well made they were. Some had small ‘Wal Mart’ logos on them, and some did not. All are black, 100% recyclable, and are made from 85% recycled materials.

The tags state that each bag is made from approximately 4 plastic soda bottles and can replace 50 shopping bags. The claim is that they can carry the same weight as 2 3 plastic bags.

An article from Sustainable is Good states that Wal Mart will take these bags back for recycling at the end of their lifespan. The picture on that website shows these bags, but they look more like sturdy shiny fabric, and better able to stand alone, than the ones I purchased. The ones I purchased have a little more of a mat pandora rings te finish, feel like a papery fiber, and are floppy when you try to stand them up with no contents.

At the checkstand, I purchased five of them and had the cashier use them for my other purchases. At Wal Mart the rotating bag holder was not designed for reusable bags, and there really is no room for the cashier to put them elsewhere to load them.

My particular cashier had some previous experience with filling reusable bags at the check stand, so she did manage to work out a way to fill them witho pandora rings ut too much trouble, but it was more time consuming than using their plastic bags, and it was a hassle for the cashier though she really was a great sport about it.

We talked about how if Wal Mart is selling these bags with their own logo on them, that is the same as promoting their use, and as such, they should provide some easy means for the cashiers to be able to use them or at least use bags with pandora rings a design that works with their plastic bag holders.

She gave me a “head’s up” that anything wet or drippy like frozen items or meat products will leak through the bag, so I might want to line the bag or take the plastic bags at the store for those items. Later I remembered that Wal Mart also sells special bags in the frozen foods section for use with frozen items that would probably work as reusable ‘wet’ items bags. I purchased some at another store that marked them down to $1, and they do, work well for those items.

I have used these reusable bags from Wal Mart for several months now. I have found them to be easy to carry, and capable of holding a lot. In fact, you can comfortably place more items in one of these than you can the cheap plastic bags they give you are Wal Mart and other stores.

There are no laundering instructions on the tag, but I am thinking a wash in the gentle cycle with an air/no heat or line dry would be okay if a simple wipe down didn’t work. So far, I have not needed to give any of them more than one quick wipe down.

The tag did say each bag replaces about 50 plastic bags so I think that means they will wear out in about 50 uses. However, I have yet to see any signs of wear on mine.

I clipped off the store tags, and decorated each with a small embroidered design in an upper corner in order to easily distinguish these as purchased and as min pandora rings e.

So far, I am happy with these bags, though I do think there is room for improvement. A different type of reusable bag I have since purchased comes with a small insert to keep the bottom of the bag stable, and to help keep the bag open when loading it. Something like that would help these great but floppy bags. Additionally, there is the issue of wet or frozen items. For now, I use the other bags I purchased that are specially made for those items. They work well at keeping cold things cold, too which is something the reusable Wal mart bags cannot offer.

The biggest problem I have had with these bags is remembering to take them back out to my car when I have put away the groceries, and to take them into the store with me each trip. Using them in combination with the bags with the insert and the insulated reusable bags has worked well. I would advise any consumer interested in purchasing the Wal Mart reusable bags add at least one insulated bag to their collection, as well. She is a self described “devourer” of books, and lover of music and film. Kara lives a life of simplicity and considers herself to be a seeker. View profile

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