pandora uk Marchese president denies link

Marchese president denies link between diluted drug and low price

The president of the company that mixed and supplied diluted chemotherapy drugs to cancer centres in Ontario and New Brunswick says there is “no rational connection between pricing and this incident.”

Marita Zaffiro returned Monday to testify before a Queen’s Park committee investigating the drug error that affected more than 1,200 cancer patients to explain how her company, Marchese Hospit pandora uk al Solutions of Mississauga, could offer the drug mixing service at one sixth the price that a long standing supplier in the industry had been charging.

In previously confidential bid documents submitted to the committee last week by Medbuy, the hospitals’ group purchasing organization, it was revealed that Marchese quoted a rate of $5.60 to $6.60 per bag of intravenous chemotherapy medication, while Baxter Corporation, which had held the contract since 2008, charged $21 to $34.

The bids do not include the cost of the drugs in question cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine which are commonly used to treat cancers of the breast and lymphatic system.

Asked by Tory MPP Jane McKenna to account for the “huge difference in pricing,” Zaffiro told the committee that she could only speculate and was not willing to do so.

Later, by email, Zaffiro’s spokesman provided this statement.

“Importantly, Marchese offered Ontario hospitals a competitive alternative to what was previously a monopoly.”

Marchese’s contract with hospitals began in February 2012.

The incumbent supplier, Baxter, had been mixing medications for hospitals for ne pandora uk arly 30 years.

It wasn’t until the chemotherapy dilution came to light on April 2, 2013, that the public discovered the entire industry had been operating without regulatory oversight. Companies that supply pre mixed medications are not subject to pandora uk routine inspections like retail pharmacies or drug manufacturers.

The Toronto Star exposed this grey area shortly after Cancer Care Ontario revealed that cancer patients in London, Ont., Windsor, Peterborough, Oshawa and St.

Health Canada, Ontario’s health ministry and the province’s College of Pharmacists have since tried to close this oversight gap. Licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work in compounding facilities are now required to alert the college, a move that will trigger an official inspection.

The committee has heard that the drug dilution was the result of a miscommunication bet pandora uk ween hospitals, Medbuy and Marchese.

Zaffiro said her staff did not remove an excess amount of saline from the intravenous bags before adding the cancer drugs because Marchese thought a single patient would receive an entire bag. The drugs were not requested in a concentration specific format, she said. Zaffiro testified that she did not know that hospitals used the bags as a stock solution, drawing doses for multiple patients from a single bag.

Zaffiro on Monday questioned the hospitals’ approach to administering the chemotherapy.

“I’m not sure why you would take a cyto toxic product and further manipulate it,” she said. “It invalidates everything we’ve done from a quality control perspective.”

Of the patients who took the diluted drugs in the past year, 137 have died. It is unknown what, if any, role the medication error played in their deaths.

pandora uk Marchese cleared in diluted ch

Marchese cleared in diluted chemotherapy drugs probe

TORONTO National group purchasing organization Medbuy is ultimately responsible for 1,202 cancer patients in Ontario and New Brunswick receiving diluted chemotherapy drugs in 2012, an Ontario legislative committee has concluded.

The company didn’t do its due diligence in arranging a $2.6 million contract with Marchese Health Care, which provided the diluted drug mixtures, the all party committee said in a report released late Tuesday.

Marchese Hospital Solutions of Mississauga, where the medication originated, is a branch of Marchese Health Care, which has its head office and main pharmacy on James Street North in Hamilton.

Extra saline in the bags containing cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine, which were prepared by its subsidiary Marchese Hospital Solutions, effectively watered down the prescribed drug concentrations by up to 10 per cent.

The hospitals that received the drugs weren’t aware that the bags contained extra saline and didn’t adjust the doses accordingly.

Medbuy, which arranged the contract on behalf of the hospitals, didn’t specify the drug concentration in the finished product, which led to the confusion between the hospitals and Marchese.

The problem was only caught when a pharmacy assistant at a Peterborough, Ont., hospital that had just started using the Marchese products noticed that the label only listed the amount of the drug in the bag, not the final concentration of the drug per millilitre of saline.

Medbuy had a whole stable of lic pandora uk ensed pharmacists who oversaw the contract process, but failed to notice the contract’s lack of clarity, the report said.

The document also raised concerns about the financial practices of group purchasing organizations like Medbuy, saying it was unable to follow the public money that went to the company.

Medbuy works under contract to health care organizations which make up both its membership and its shareholders, the report said.

Hospitals don’t pay Medbuy directly for its services, said NDP health critic and committee member France Gelinas.

Rather, Medbuy gets a “rebate” what Geli pandora uk nas called a kickback from the pharmacy based on how much is spent on their contracts. It “helps themselves to whatever they need,” which is supposed to offset its operating expenses, and gives the rest to the hospital.

“We tried really hard to follow the money,” she said. “It was impossible to see where the money went back, was it used for patient care I have no idea.”

In 2012, Medbuy’s members spent $647 million on contracts, the report said. Medbuy’s annual budget is in the range of $7 million.

The committee said it was skeptical that Medbuy operates like a not for profit and doesn’t retain earnings.

It was told by Medbuy that the company had five employees that made more than $100,000 a year, the report said. In fact, it was 17 employees and the committee was “disturbed by the discrepancy.”

Medbuy said Tuesday it has “always operated as though we were a not for profit despite our legal incorporation.”

The board of directors is “in the process of reviewing changes to our legal status to bring it in line with our long standing practice of retaining no profits or earnings,” CEO Kent Nicholson said in a statement.

The report revealed that Marchese’s offer which was substantially lower than the more experienced company that had previously held the contract included a $20,000 donation to a Medbuy fund for “healthcare industry initiatives.”

Such contributions were encouraged by Medbuy in its request for proposals and were used in scoring the company’s submission, the committee found.

Medbuy told the committee that it chose Marchese because it had better labelling, Gelinas said. But she believes the decision was money driven, as Marchese was offering to provide the product for a lower price.

Among its six recommendations, which also include standardized labelling, the committee is urging the Ontario government to provide oversight of group purchasing organizations like Medbuy, such as salary disclosure and audits by Ontario’s auditor general.

But Gelinas said the bill doesn’t provide oversight to the part of th pandora uk e system that failed those cancer patients the group purchasing organizations or change the way they do business.

“This idea of having public money being kicked back to a private organization did not sit well with any of the committee members,” she said.

Rather than using a rebate system, hospitals should pay group pur pandora uk chasing organizations directly for the services they provide, she said.

“Those are pretty substantive changes to the way business is done,” Gelinas said.

“But what happened this incident with 1,200 people I think requires that kind of change so that we can look those people in the eyes and say it won’t happen again.”

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