pandora More on United’s New Rules

More on United’s New Rules

I’ve delved a bit deeper into United’s domestic policy changes and have discovered some hidden items that may wind up costing inattentive travelers even more than the $25 the airline will charge for a second piece of checked luggage (and remember, that’s $25 each way, so we’re talking $50 round trip). When you go to the airline’s Web site and click on “New domestic checked baggage pandora policy,” you’ll find the fee details. But click on the “domestic baggage questions” link to find these nuggets:

“Are any other baggage fees changing?

“United is simplifying the policy for bags that require special handing because they are large, overweight or fragile. Oversize bags or those that weigh more than 50 lbs. will cost $100.00 per bag. Items that are large, fragile and/or require special handling will also have new prices of either $100.00 or $200.00, depending on the item. Visit oversized and excess baggage to view the current charges.”

My analysis: “Simplifying” means increasing the fee from $50 fee to $100 for any piece of lugg pandora age weighing more than 50 pounds. I can just see wide eyed travelers at the check in counter being told, “Your bag weighs 53 pounds, and that will be $100.” Look for lots of wild last moment transferring of items. Could be a mess. As for those traveling with large items, such as surfboards, diving gear and bicycles, you’ll be paying about $15 more than you had been. Don’t worry golfers: Clubs will continue to be considered as a piece of luggage, so if your golf bag is your only piece of checked luggage (and it weighs less than 50 lbs.), it’s free. Parents, some good news: Checking car seats or strollers will continue to be free.

“How much will it cost to check more than two bags?

“For all customers for travel on or after May 5, 2008, the cost to check up to four excess bags will be $100.00 per bag. Previous charges ranged from $85.00 to $125.00 per bag. The cost for checking more than four excess bags continues to be $200.00 per bag.”

My analysis: Makes it sound as if they’re just turning this $85 to $125 charge into a flat $100 fee. But that’s a bit misleading. The first two pieces of excess luggage had been assessed at $85 and the next two pieces at $125. Most travelers show up with just one or two extra bags, so I’m guessing an increase in revenues for United.

Last pandora year on a trip from Dulles to an international location, both of our suitcases were just at the 50 lb. limit. But as we were headed international, they didn’t blink an eye. However, on our return home (we stopped in Hawaii for a few days), we did run into the person with the scales. Thank goodness we thought enough ahead to purchase another inexpensive piece of luggage for the excess. But I guess on our next trip, we will have to be sure to pack light . and not buy too many souvenirs. And this one is analog no worries about dead batteries.

Seems a genuine bargain to me, considering the fees associated with over weight bags. You’ve always been subject to an overage charge it’s been that way for years. (Well, okay, as Jim pointed out, it used to be 75 lbs, but the point is, there is a built in limit.)

It’s so people don’t overload/overweight the plane, and it’s called a Free Baggage Allowance.

United simply upped the overweight charge significantly, as well as reducing their Free Baggage Allowance to one bag. Crappy, for sure.

Now I didn’t say I liked it or that it’s a good trend I said it didn’t impact me much right now. I’m sure all the other airlines will follow suit. But for the most part, I’m an efficient packer I’ve rarely had to pack more than one large bag weighing more than 50 lbs anyway. If something heavy needs to get somewhere, I ship it on ahead of time, ’cause I certainly don’t trust baggage handlers not to lose things!

The basic charge overweight has always been there.

I tried to print URL’s to the major airlines luggage policies (including BA’s and Air Canada), but the board won’t seem to let me. Trust me there’s an overage fee for luggage over 50 lbs on just about every airline.

Again didn’t say I liked it, but it’s part of the crptastic process of flying these days.

It is not only United, but BA and Virgin as well, so forget about overseas travel. Look, I am a not so young lady who has enjoyed travelling independently. Because I can no longer lift the larger bags, I have been using two smaller bags which hook together for wheeling about and each of which I can lift separately if I have to. I checked bo pandora th of them through to leave me with only a small tote for the cabin.

I am not given to hyperbole, but I have honestly never in my entire life felt so disrespected by any company. If it was just United, I could avoid them, but BA and Virgin make it kind of difficult to fly overseas, too. Or you can pay the current price but take one less bag.

pandora More on plasticBack to Mai

More on plastic

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main MenuVideos from the OregonianVideos from The Beaverton LeaderVideos from the Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest Grove LeaderYour VideosWe’ve all heard about how plastic ends up in the ocean, entangling and filling the bellies of wildlife. Just last week I mentioned that problem in a column supporting legislation to ban single use plastic grocery bags in Oregon. But it’s all this other plastic too that messes with marine life like the caps and clamshells and toothbrushes. It’s on vibrant, grotesque display at Whole Foods on NE 15th Ave in honor of Earth Day April 22: a huge eagle made from plastic that’s pandora washed ashore.Despite bringing my own reusable bags to the store, I still manage to collect a mountain of plastic bags and wrap in my office closet.The amount of plastic bags and wrap I collect every 3 4 months.Three things would help me: getting a special drying rack so I could wash bags out when needed (right now they collapse in a wet puddle in my dish rack), buying reusable produce bags and not freezing so much summer produce in Ziploc ba pandora gs. But even then there is so much plastic bag/wrap in my life. Reader Meg Larson had additional sensible advice on how to cut back on all that plastic: Wash and reuse your produce bags. They last quite a long time, literally years. Keep a few in each of your shopping bags, ready to use. Keep some in the car (if you use a car). Never go to the store or the farmers market without your own produce bags! Never buy or use plastic wrap. I haven’t bought a roll of plastic wrap in 35 years. Plastic wrap is not necessary to live a fulfilling life. Use containers and your washed produce bags in place of plastic wrap! I wash and reuse the zip closing bags that stores use for deli meats, cheese, seafood, etc.There’s probably no need for you to buy any more zip closing bags, of any size, or any other plastic bags. Just start collecting them. Other people will bring them to your home when bearing gifts. You might receive a mail order that encloses small parts in a zip closing bag. People will send you home with leftovers in a zip closing bag. Wash and reuse!Now, personally I’m a little leery of washing and reusing bags that have contained raw meat but maybe that’s just me. While recycling at Far West Fibers the other day, I noticed confusion I once had about the types of plastic bags that can be recycled: any plastic that can be stretched over your thumb is pandora perfect for recycling at Far West Fibers or many grocery stores while any that breaks with thumb tension needs to be tossed in the trash. That means those crinkly pre washed salad and spinach bags from places like Trader Joe’s are garbage. And remember what I lear pandora ned last year after a visit to a sorting facility: when in doubt, throw it out. Those who sort our recycling will give thanks!Now, my biggest issue with washing bags for reuse is that I can never get them dry. They end up in a wet messy pile on my counter. New Seasons sells a wooden plastic bag drying rack that looks something like

pandora More on guest housesCommer

More on guest houses

Commerce St., aka pandora Gallery 50 and the Canvas Bag.

Cumberland Empowerment Zone has established an agreement of sale with the seller to acquire the property for $160,000 with the goal of working in partnership with the city to market and sell the property to a complementary business.

The city will split “interim carrying costs” including property taxes, insurance, utilities and marketing costs on a 50/50 basis with the Cumberland Empowerment Zone.

Cumberland Empowerment Zone is funding this through second generation Empowerment Zone funds. Cumberland County Empowerment Zone Executive Director Jeannine MacDonald gave a presentation during work session explaining the program, available by phone at (856) 459 1700.

Basically she explained that the Cumberland Empowerment Zone was formed to administer empowerment zone funds received for Bridgeton, Millville, Vineland and Port Norris as round II empowerment zones.

The original plan was for the Cumberland Empowerment Zone to receive $10 million per year for 10 years, which never came to fruition, but Cumberland Empowerment Zone has received $26.5 mil since its formation in 1999.

Bridgeton now has $3.2 million in second generation funds, which have been collected as first generation loans have been repaid.

The Canvas Bag/Gallery 50 property wi pandora ll be owned by “Cumberland Redevelopment,” a nonprofit formed by the Cumb pandora erland Empowerment Zone for the purpose of this Bridgeton land banking project.

Note: The seller and Cumberland Empowerment Zone have signed an agreement of sale with a number of protections (ex.: if structural problems requiring over $2,500 of repairs are discovered the buyer can back out of the deal, etc.) but have not closed on the deal yet.

Mayor Kelly said he and Kevin Rabago had spoken with an interested tenant who wants to do a walk through ASAP.

Kelly and council agreed that they want to start land banking to gain more control over the downtown area.

“Let us control some of t pandora hese properties to market to organizations and businesses with benefits to our town, not prospectors who want to sit on these properties until the market turns,” Kelly said.

He noted he can’t fault investors for trying to stay afloat by participating in that kind of practice but noted, “We can’t prosper with five or six of the same stores on each block.”