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More on Alice Starmore

I originally had intended to discuss Alice Starmore book, Knitting, on Friday, but as I read several chapters of it yesterday, I realized that I need to discuss it today because it an important link in the evolution of Aran knitting. And then we take a look at some books that show how American and British/Irish designers continue to reinterpet the Aran style.

Starmore book, Knitting, was written in the mid 1990s to debunk the Kiewe myths once and for all and to also share some of Starmore own designs. Myths die hard, and I am bitterly disappointed that Kiewe myth is so fictional, but once you read Starmore research and see her historical evidence, I think you see she quite convincing.

That being said, Starmore big contribution to this tradition of knitting has been what she calls knitting. She makes the point that the complex Celtic knots in the Book of Kells and in ancient Irish carvings are all closed loops. The cables on Aran sweaters, on the other hand, do not close in on themselves to form infinite loops. So she spent a great deal of time and energy creating true Celtic knot knitting designs and introduced them in 1992 in her book, Celtic Collection. In 1997. she published Knitting and introduced some of her own designs, including a sweater she says is one of her most popular designs, St. Brigid, which includes cables that wind back and forth, up and down, and close on each other. The 2010 edition of the book, which I have, includes a new pattern, Eala Bhan, that shows how such cables can be used to shape a sweater. But most of the Starmore sweaters follow the traditional boxy shape of Aran sweaters.

I fell in love with St. Brigid when I saw it. I particularly like the cable around the neck.

I like Starmore book for several reasons. First, she really tries to give you an accurate history of the genre. Her opening chapters about her research into the roots of Aran knitting are interesting (f pandora or me, they are fascinating), and her designs are beautiful. Second, she shows how knitters build on the work o pandora f those who have gone on bef pandora ore them, how the craft can quickly evolve as creative people reinterpret the work of other creative people.

Starmore includes many Aran designs with traditional “boxy” shaping. I think they are beautiful.

In the 1970s and 80s, when I knitted fisherman sweaters almost exclusively for several years, I kept wanting to knit only sweaters. So all my sweaters were pretty boxy. I varied the shoulders from raglan to set in to saddle shoulder, but all the sides were straight. I mistakenly thought that the ribbing at the cuffs and waist should be just that and not decorative. I rebelled when Spinnerin started experimenting with the construction and introduced horizontal cables in the yoke. And the idea of combining colorwork and cable work just appalled me.

Here another Starmore design, following traditional shaping and using traditional cables.

Now I realize that taking the Aran style of knitting into new directions was inevitable and necessary. I remember watching QVC a few years ago on either St. Patrick Day or the Rose of Tralee Day, when an Aran knit sweater was the Today Special Value. These were handmade sweaters, commissioned by an Irish company that paid the Irish knitters to knit in their homes, and then the company resold the sweaters. And the sales representative from the company said that its designers were always trying to come up with something new to stay fresh because people won buy the same sweater over and over.

After a while, knitters won knit the same sweater over and over, either.

Lily Chin introduced the reversible cables in the 1990s and Alice Starmore introduced the closed Celtic cables in the same decade. It was inevitable. Both innovations are important evolutionary steps in the craft that were immediately embraced by designers everywhere. Today, there are all sorts of books of reversible cables in scarves and cowls. I myself dream of introducing them in Swirls. And the Celtic knots have been embraced by Melissa Leapman and other designers to the point that most Starmore complains in the 2010 edition of Knitting that people are stealing her ideas without giving her credit for inventing them.

Eala Bahn was a new design that Starmore introduced in the 2010 edition to show how the Celtic cables can be used to shape a sweater.

I been in online discussions where I seen Starmore sweater designs being criticized for being boxy. But this style is the traditional Celtic method, be it for Fair Isle or Aran knits, and Starmore is nothing if not a Scottish Celt. I love the boxiness of them. She has a nice balance in the cables between the narrow and the wide, the fine detail and the broad textures. They just beautiful.

If you are a fan of Aran knitting and want to know more about it, I really think you need Starmore Knitting, New Expanded Edition from Dover Press, 2010. I bought it for the St. Brigid pattern. You may have another favorite. But I think the book will definitely inspire you, no matter what your favorite is.

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More of the same will do nicely for Stanjay Tackle in HAJAC Winter League

Stan BingeThe Godmanchester based squad sealed top spo pandora t in the Angling Trust East Midlands Winter League last month, with a northern semi final now to look forward to.And the club will be out in full force when the four round HAJAC tournament starts at Factory Bank, Benwick and Raveley Drain at the weekend.The first choice Gold team contains captain Stan Binge, Bob Nudd, Mark Pollard, Richard Martin, Martin Caldecote and Anthony Watling, with Silver, Bronze and Posh sides also taking part.Last year, the second string Silver pipped their Gold club mates to top spot in the competition, with Graham Welton helping secure the triumph with a section win in the last round.looking to carry on from the Winter League, said Binge. going to be quite a good competition because there are about 12 teams in it.rain been a bad thing as the drains were full of fish, but it might not be bad if there not much more rain. The drains soon go back down because the system pumped. have also decided to head to Garbolino Lindholme L pandora akes for their Angling Trust Winter League, semi final.They were able to pick between two venues having won the East Midlands section, with the Stainforth Keadby Canal getting the thumbs down at a team vote.Richard Ayres sparkled when Fred Match Group paid their latest visit to Crystal Lakes.He compiled a bag weighing 30lb 4oz to take the honours at the Fenstanton complex, with Bob Wilson doing enough to see off Vic German and secure second pandora spot.Details 1 Richard Ayres 30lb 4oz, 2 Bob Wilson 24 10, 3 Vic German 23 14.Wayne Easey banked the golden peg kitty as he tasted success at Westside Farm.Fishing up against the island at 16 metres on Lake One, he used corn to good effect as he amassed 45lb 6oz at the Whittlesford venue.There was a tense battle for second place between Shaun Fulcher and Colin Edwards, with both men picking pandora bread as their preferred bait, and it was the former who edged it.

pandora More news from yarn stores in

More news from yarn stores in our area

Not to be o pandora utdone by the yarn stores I mentioned the other day, The Stitching Bee in Chatham and Down Cellar in Basking Ridge have sent the following information about special sales:

Although there is still month of summer left, it time to think ahead. With that in mind, our Fall Class Schedule is up and running. There are classes for everyone, knitters, stitchers, crocheters and, now, teens. Come take a look and sign up. Classes fill up quickly!

And, speaking of fall, the new yarns are starting to trickle in. There are old favorites and funky, new ones. Great books and patterns, old classics and new classics, new knitting needles lots of things to make your fingers itch to get going on a new project.

That means, in order to make room, something got to give! So, we having a two way sale. Selected yarns will be 50% off and EVERY YARN in our bargain boxes will be $1.00 a ball. The sale will be one day only, so come early and snatch up some great deals.

Selected yarns 50% off bargain box yarns are $1.00/ball. All sales final. No returns, no refunds and cannot be used with birthday cards. Mus pandora t have coupon to receive discounts.

We’ve been in our new “cottage” for almost 2 months it feels like we have been here for Years! This is our Home!! Thank you all for making our transition so smooth and fun! Hope you all are having a great summer! Yes, it’s hot but that makes it too hard to do much more than sit around and knit or crochet!

We are happy to offer so much more than before! New projects classes, surprises, events are planned. Quick proje pandora cts, new techniques, new free patterns, are here now. And of course the:

Fall yarns are filling our cubbies!

We are one of only a few shops to feature Madeline Tosh’s new yarn chunky its on its way along with all of her other gorgeous handpainted machine washable delights. Try the 2 hour skirt class! Or pj’s! Unbelievable what you can accomplish and learn with a little help and 2 hrs!! sign up for a 1:1 session to work on any sewing project!

Needle felting learn how to Paint with roving! Create critters or figures! August 25th 11 1pm $34 plus materials

Join us in the added “sweater clubs” to get started on a fall sweater, jacket, or coat! August 11th 1 3 or August 23 7 9.

2hr skirt August 26 12 2 $30,

Knitted/Sewn Sundress August 24 31 10 12 $38

15 min Crochet Necklace Aug 11 11 12 $18

7 Ring Necklace Aug 10 1 2 $18

Burburry Cowl Aug 24 31 1 3 $38

What’s pandora on Top (hat workshop) Aug 19 12 2 $34

Sweater club (any top workshop) Aug 11 1 3 or Aug 23 7 9 $34

Sock Hop (anything sock shaped workshop) August 13 1 3 $34

NeedleFelting Workshop Aug 25 11 1 $34

Crochet Rug Aug 18 11 12 $18

End of Summer Sale bags and totes lantern moon, amy butler, namaste, della Q, jordana paige!! 15% off. Get a new beach bag! Organize for new fall projects! Also 35 40% off selected yarns debbie bliss donegal tweed, chunky (not lux), sheep shop 2, vt organic wool, etc