pandora More Nausea Remedies From My B

More Nausea Remedies From My Bag Of Tricks

In my last post, I wrote about the contents of what I lovingly refer to as my bag the shoulder bag I stuff with anti emetics and throw in the car for long car rides. Not only do I te pandora nd to feel carsick naturally, even when I not anxious, but the tummy troubles are amplified (and, arguably, initiated) by anxiety.

I shared some of my favorite remedies for quelling anxiety related nausea, including lemon oil, Dramamine, and anti nausea wristbands.

1. Ginger. Anything ginger. Ginger ale, ginger gum, candied ginger all helpful. I prefer the milder flavor of ginger gum, and the gum is also a bonus because the act of chewing helps to distract me from the nausea. (Chewing, to me, is symbolic of a properly functioning digestive system. One that going forward and not in reverse.)

Be warned, though: candied ginger is quite strong. Try it before you feeling nauseous to see if it for you.

2. Cola. The brand doesn matter Pepsi, Coke, or whatever generic name suits you. (I also heard that cola syrup is available at some pharmacies, although I never tried it.)

Pepsi in particular always helps to settle my stomach. Some people warn against the carbonation, but it seems to help me. One good belch and I usually feel somewhat better.

3. Instant ice packs. Technically speaking, I carry these around for sudden onset migraines. You never know when one will crop up, and it can be handy to have a cold bag at the ready no matter how warm the outside temperature may be.

But I discovered that a cold pack on the forehead can be very soothing for anxiety related nausea and I discovered this while stepping out from an airport into hot Florida air and waiting (what seemed like forever) for a van to take me to my hotel. I started to panic, and felt nauseated presumably from the panic, the heat, or both and that instant ice pack was, pandora corny as it sounds, an instant relief.

4. Tiger balm. This stuff is made for sore muscles, but it smells amazing. Think menthol and camphor and cinnamon and chai tea. Something about this scent is very calming to me, and like the peppermint oil I mentioned in my last post, putting a little bit on my abdomen helps to relax any tight muscles that might be worsening the nausea.

5. Vicks Vapo Rub. Like the Tiger Balm, this stuff also works to loosen muscles. It doesn hurt tha pandora t the scent will perpetually remind me of childhood and lounging in bed curled up with stuffed animals and The Price is Right on a sick day home from school.

6. Immodium. Perhaps this one a given for traveling, especially if you going to be on a long and nauseating car ride with no restrooms in sight. But even if you get tummy troubles from non travel triggers, you might be able to use Immodium to keep your gut in line. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure, of course.

So, that about it I dumped out my nausea bag for the world.

Of course, the best treatment for anxiety related nausea is to remove the anxiety (ideally via cognitive behavioral therapy), and therefore reduce the nausea. But in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult pandora to put CBT techniques to use. It takes practice and time.

pandora More municipalities consider b

More municipalities consider bans

March 9 at the Larchmont Public Library, followed by a Q with Grassroots Environmental Education director Patti Wood and a reusable bag giveaway. In the future, carrying groceries home in a disposable plastic bag might provoke that same reaction.

That’s the hope of environmental advocates who want to outlaw the lightweight plastic bags ubiquitous at supermarkets and other retailers in favor of reusable or recyclable bags.

The villages of Tuckahoe and Larchmont and the Town of Mamaroneck are the newest frontiers in that fight as they set public hearings on proposed plastic bag bans.

“All we’re saying is when you bring something to the checkout counter, bring your own bag,” said Tuckahoe Trustee Stephen Quigley. “It’s not an unreasonable restriction and it’s doable by merchants and customers.

Recent plastic bag bans in the City of Rye and Village of Mamaroneck came after East Hampton and Southampton on Long Island and Westport, Conn., set examples. Dozens of communities nationwide have either banned the bags or imposed a fee on their use, most in Cal pandora ifornia.

“I’m looking forward to all the municipalities having similar laws so this can become a regional effort,” said Mamaroneck town Supervisor Nancy Seligson.

Jordan Christensen, Hudson Valley program coordinator for the Citizens Campaign for the Envir pandora onment, said there has been a snowball effect.

“In the last eight to 12 months, it’s been every week you get a Google alert. This city ba pandora nned bags. This country banned bags. There’s no stopping it,” she said.

Advocates point to the environmental hazards of the bags, which can clog sewers, choke marine animals and litter parks.

“It’s extremely important for us as a coastal waterfront community to keep bags from going into storm drains and rivers to protect the fish and wildlife,” said Mamaroneck Village Manager Richard Slingerland.

Bans and fees can be effective in curbing plastic bag use. After Ireland imposed the equivalent of a 30 cent a bag fee in 2002, use of plastic bags dropped by 90 percent within weeks.

Americans use about 100 billion plastic bags a year, which translates into 318 bags a person. Bill Sheehan, executive director of the nonprofit Product Policy Institute, said that communities can measure their ba pandora g use by multiplying that figure by their population.

Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties are home to nearly 1.37 million people, which means that more than 435 million bags are used locally each year. That’s 6 million bags alone in the Village of Mamaroneck, where Toy Box owner Steven Josephson says he uses 10,000 a year.

“You can’t go anywhere in the county without seeing bags littering the landscape,” said professor Lin Harmon, director of environmental law programs at Pace University. “Along the Bronx River Parkway, I see plastic bags caught in bushes. Plastic bags are so lightweight. I see them blow right out of city trash containers.”

Harmon said bag bans are springing up from grass roots movements just as recycling and clean water laws did a generation ago.



NEW GLASGOW A recent hike in the price of milk has left a sour taste in some Pictou County residents’ mouths.

As of February 1, the cost of milk in Nova Scotia went up five cents a litre. A litre of white milk is now selling for $1.87. A two litre carton is $3.73, up 10 cents. And a four litre bag is now $7.11, up 20 cents.

The increase is more than just milk money to Margie Fraser. She runs a babysitting service out of her home in New Glasgow, where she cares for three of her neighbour’s children, plus two of her own. She says she purchases fo pandora ur four litre bags of milk a week, which ends up costing her close to $1,500 a year.

“I, like many moms, am on a budget,” she says.

“I will definitely notice a difference when I get to the cash resister. But what can I do? I have to buy milk.”

With the price increase, Fraser will spend roughly $41 more on milk this year than last.

“It may not seem like a lot of money to some, but it means a lot to me if the prices keep going up.”

The cost of milk rose six cents a litre in 2007 and four cents a litre in 2006.

The increase is necessary in order to ensure local dairy produc pandora ers and processors get a fair return on their labour investment and to ensure consumers are provided with an adequate supply of quality dairy products, says Chantal Paul, chief of communications for the Canadian Dairy Commission.

For dairy farmers, the recent increase will mean 2.95 cents more a litre of fluid milk in their pocket and 0.70 cents more a litre for industrial milk used to make products such as yogurt, cheese, butter and skim milk powder.

“The change is a result of increasing costs for farmers,” says Jeanne Cruikshank, Vice President of the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors, Atlantic, which represents Sobeys, Super Store, Co op and Costco. “Things such as electrical increases and fuel make it tougher for producers.”

Nova Scotians pay among the highest prices for milk in the country. According to The Canadian Dairy Commission, this is a result of many factors such as manufacturing, transportation, distribution and packaging costs.

Dairy farmers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edwa pandora rd Island, Ontario and Quebec get 88 cents per litre for their fluid milk. Farmers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia get 79 cents per litre.

As for Fraser, she says she’ll come up with her own way to cut cost.

“Maybe I’ll resort to powdered milk like they did in the old days,” she says. “It’s cheaper.”

The primary mandate of the Canadian Dairy Commission is to provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity to obtain a fair return for their labour and investment. corporate producers over a family owned farm, for example. This qualification further begs the question why Nova Scotia producers are classified as efficient when the CDC readily admits that NS milk prices are high relative to the rest of the country because of inefficiencies with the local industrys manufacturing, transportation, distribution and packaging costs. The NS milk industrys inefficiencies are merely being passed on to the consumer.

If milk actually has more may or may not be the case. A growing body of evidence is showing that the hazards of milk consumption may actually outweigh the benefits. a public that has been conditioned to believe that milk is nature’s most perfect food. It is a particularly hard sell when emotional issues such as the dietary needs of pregnant women and young children are placed front and centre by the industry.

Okay before my last comment gets taking the wrong way it was to be taking as a joke just because of the situation westville is in but back to the situation we have with milk prices it’s not that big of a deal almost expected look at the price of fuel dairy farmers are up at 5am to milk cows and are still milking at 8pm cows are milked atleast twice most times 3 times a day cost of fuel is amazing you run a tractor to plow feilds, plant and harvest grain, hay, selig cost are going up for them too!! i worked on a farm and honestly i don’t know how farmers do it no it wasn’t a dairy farm but none the less they have to survive too as to the big up roar of 5 cents a litre come on i have a 2 year old and go though 12 16 liters a week so there is $1.20 1.60 what’s that work out to a year let’s see $62.40 83.20 not a huge deal at the worst that’s 2 tanks of gas come pandora one we have bigger problems than a 5 cent a litre milk increase and i could make that back if i let my child drink pop pepsi is always on sale 97 cents for a 2 litre but milk is better for him right? Did anyone take notice of the price of vegetables and fresh fruit yeah expensive no one complaining there cause it’s healthy last time i checked so was milk well except what Sebastian Ronin has to say ok i’m done rambling now have a good day and drink your milk it’s good for your bones