pandora bracelet Market more mixed than reviews

Market more mixed than reviews of Oscar telecast and for the record

The market is quiet today, likely still in bed after staying up all night to watch something called The Hurt Locker win so many Oscars that that the people who couldn’t get tickets to Av pandora bracelet atar may now go see it (that is if Alice in Wonderland is also sold out an pandora bracelet d they hate fun). The biggest news in the markets today is that AIG sold the second of its crown jewels, their foreign life insurance business Alico, to Met Life for $15B and with both of the AIG family jewels gone, they now qualify for a spot in the 2010 Eunuch Olympics. A business hasn’t sold off two profitable units like this since Pam Anderson downsized her boobs (of course she had them re inserted faster than Warren Buffett talks up his own book because you always have to keep the things that make you money). This sale gives AIG enough cash to pay some of their debt back to Uncle Sam and thus keeps their proverbial kneecaps intact for at least another couple of months because Uncle Sam doesn’t play when you have his money, just ask Wesley Snipes. Unfortunately, AIG still owes the US government another $50B and seeing as how they have now sold off two of their biggest profit centers and their business won’t generate $50B in pandora bracelet profits until sometime around the year “two thousand and go fuck yourself,” it is unclear what tricks they will do next to appease Uncle Sam (Perhaps Uncle Sam will “lend out” some of AIG’s CDS expertise to China to pandora bracelet try to smooth over relations and yield a happy ending for the two super powers). You just don’t take daddy’s money and get away with it.