pandora bracelet Market Reacts To Nokia’s New L

Market Reacts To Nokia’s New Lumia Series

We’re not sure exactly what investors were hoping Nokia would unveil yesterday, but pandora bracelet apparently, the Lumia 920 and 820 weren’t it. Following the much anticipated unveiling of two new Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia shares took a bit of a mini nosedive, sliding 16 percent to $2.38 at the end of the trading day on Thursday. That’s the lowest it’s been all year.According to reports, Nokia’s new devices didn’t pack sufficient punch, and it also didn’t help that the Finnish smartphone maker withheld specific release dates, pricing, and carrier information.”People were looking for something that would dazzle. Most investors will view it as evolutionary, not revolutionary. Nokia has made some good progress, but investors were looking for quantum leaps. We didn’t get that,” RBC analyst Mark Sue told Reuters.What did Nokia did deliver, however, are solid new devices wrapped in bright colors. The Lumia 920 boasts a generous 4.5 inch IPS display, 1.4GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8.7MP rear facing camera with built in image stabilization, 802.11n Wi Fi, 7GB of free cloud storage via SkyDrive, and a few more features. Overall, Nokia’s new phones look great and are very well spec’d, but evidently investors were expecting more.It not just about expecting more and investors think they got less. Though it is clearly evolutionary and not revolutionary as the article says. Stock prices also fell for other reasons. The Samsung WP8 specs and pics were out before Nokias new offerings and other than wireless charging (which to many of us is still a gimmick and not must have tech yet) their two models didn offer anything exceptional over samsungs phone. Moto pandora bracelet rola also announced phones the same day even if not WP8 that analysts predict will outsell Nokias new lineup. Lastly a big reason for the stock dip is also due to the “pureview” branding fiasco. That false advertising right there and though they wont be goin to court over it it does be pandora bracelet gthe question why did nokia have to lie? With this whole fiasco came the realization that te “PureView” branding referring to Nokias 808 with 41mp LARGE sensor that then reduces the pixel size of the image for a more manageable file size which achieves great pictures has now become a branding they will give any of their products that they feel has “superior” features than the competition. Samsung has. 10mp camera the new Nokia 9xx has an 11mp crew boom that a PureView.On top of all that there wasn a date or carrier announced. The date is out now and the carrier is AT though I hearing there will be a Verizon version as well? T pandora bracelet here have been complaints about the colors as well, people are happy there are choices other than black or white but the only new color is the yellow that many people aren liking and the Lumia 900 almost now trademark blue is missing from the 920 party.The phone does seem to up the stakes on Nokias end as far as product offerings but from an analyst and investor standpoint September 5th didn bring much good news in the way of stock price increases anytime soon.