pandora bracelets More on Using Interfacing and

More on Using Interfacing and Interlining in Bag Making

Further to one of my previous posts about using interfacing / interlining, I recently become familiar with another couple of them which in turn have become firm favourites. So to add to that previous posting, I thought I let you know about these on pandora bracelets es too.

Whilst in the process of making a some new bag and accessory designs, I found that I really needed different pandora bracelets types of interfacing to the ones pandora bracelets I usually use. I was making hobo bags which required a soft handle interfacing, so that they could be soft and slouchy but still have a bit of body. So I decided to try Vilene G700, which is a woven cotton fusible interfacing. It is absolutely fantastic for the job. Very easy to adhere to the medium weight cotton fabrics that I use and just a delight to work with. I use this one quite a lot now in many of my bags, as opposed to normal fusible interfacing, as I like the way the fabric remains soft with a nice drape, yet strengthened. I often use it in conjunction with heavy weight, sew in interlining (S13 see my previous posting) as they work extremely well together. The image below is of the Heather Hobo Bag, available in my Etsy shop.

Vilene G700 woven cotton fusible interfacing was used to make this stylish hobo bag.

On another occasion, I found that I was needing something that padded a bag without making it too bulky. I decided to try Vilene H640, which is a medium loft, fusible fleece. Again this product did the job perfectly. It adhered well to the fabric and gave just the right amount of padding that I needed for a laptop bag and also a travel bag. Also the fact that it fusible means that you just cut it to your pattern piece size, less the seam allowances as doesn need sewing in, meaning pandora bracelets that you don get any of the bulk within the seam allowances. I tend to use the fusible fleece alongside the woven cotton fusible interfacing as they are perfect partners. Once you adhered the interfacing to your fabric, the fleece can be adhered right on top of the interfacing. This gives a really nice soft and flexible, yet strong, feel to the right side of the fabric with the added benefit of the soft padding from the fleece.