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More overflowing bins cause misery for Brighton and Hove residents From The Argus

The Argus has been contacted by readers reporting missed collections and overflowing bins in the Sevendials, Hangleton and Queen’s Park areas o pandora bracelets f the city.

Last week Brighton and Hove City Council claimed they were catching up on bin collections after eight refuse vehicles were out of action. Six of the vehicles had been repaired by last Friday, with refuse teams promising to work late to catch up on the backlog. Now, nearly a week on, the council claims the backlog s pandora bracelets hould be resolved by Monday.

Mr Dickson said: “I understand that these rubbish bins were meant to solve pandora bracelets the problem of seagulls ripping open refuse sacks on our doorsteps awaiting collection but they have just created problems of their own.”

A council spokeswoman said: “Communal refuse bins should all be emptied by end of yesterday this includes Davigdor Road and surrounding areas.

“Sunninghill recycling bins have been contaminated with general waste so need to be collected by ref pandora bracelets use crews. This should be done by the end of today.

“We are currently clearing refuse from the Saltdean area which was two days behind. Following this, we will move into other areas including Hangleton and aim to have the backlog cleared by Friday.

“The two bins chained up in Park Street will be moved straight away. The bins will be secured onto a locking post away from the wall at the same end of the street.