pandora charm necessity the mother of my mul

necessity the mother of my multi

You have to be organised. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that you have to be super organised or else everything is in danger of descending into chaos very quickly. The first couple of weeks were a bit mad. Gary started big school at the end of August and every morning I forgot something, be it the school bag, the packed lunch, or his school tie.

Mornings were stressfully caught up in traffic, cruising along at snail’s pace as my heart beat faster, and the clock ticked menacingly on. You never want to be the last pandora charm pandora charm > parent at the school in the morning, huffing and puffing with a red, apologetic face on you. It makes you feel like the biggest loser ever.

But now Gary goes to the creche in the mornings before school so we beat the traffic. Well, it’s still heavy at that ungodly hour of the morning but it’s no longer torture! Gary’s never late and I’m always up and dressed while it’s still dark, which is great because now I don’t open the door to people in my PJs.

However, being a single mum is still kind of tiring. There’s rarely a minute’s peace. I look back on my pre Mummy years and wonder what on God’s earth I did with my time. I mean, I always thought I was busy. Busy doing what? I have no idea. I only now understand the true meaning of the word. I’ve learned to multi task. Does helping with the homework with a well deserved, end of day glass of wine in hand sound like multi tasking?

The key to being organised and having a relatively stress free morning is to do everything the evening before.

Sadly my days of heading out midweek are now greatly numbered. If you want to meet me, you’ve got to slot me in on a weekend night now, I’m afraid. I just cannot do midweek madness. I iron both our outfits and hang them up the evening before, so there’s no morning scramble looking for shoes and socks. I keep a travel kettle beside the bed so when the alarm sounds, one finger switches the alarm off and another presses the kettle switch for my coffee. Now, how’s that for clever multi tasking? I’m becoming a dab hand at it, although I do say so myself.

But, hey, I’m not perfect, and I’ll never win a mum of the year award. I know my limitations. Mind you, these days I’m more of a domestic goddess than a goddam mess! Last week, I even bought a nice Christmas log with fresh cream in the bakery beside the school, for the annual charity cake sale. I snuck into the school hall and placed it surreptit pandora charm iously among all the f pandora charm reshly baked offerings, hoping nobody would notice that I hadn’t stayed up late the night before baking. That’s allowed, right? I mean, I just can’t bake. I’ve improved. A lot done, more to do as they say. But a homemade cupcake queen? Steady on, now.