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Neck broken after dead body ‘forced’ into bin

Police ordered the 1.5m body of Tereza Rendaric, 69, be placed into the 1.08m high hazardous materials bin for safety after finding her dead from poison on her laundry floor and giving off toxic fumes.

While the gases sent four ambulance officers to hospital, pandora charm the body had already been sealed inside two charcoal lined body bags when the HAZMAT order was made.

In a written statement tendered to Glebe Coroner Court, HAZMAT officers said they had to the body a forceful push to fit it into the bin at her home in Leppington in Sydney west.

“We had to push down on her to enable the rest of the body to fit into the container,” the statement said.

An autopsy report by forens pandora charm ic p pandora charm athologist Istvan Szentmarlay later found this action had broken Mrs pandora charm Rendaric neck and caused haemorrhaging something he feared could to a misinterpretation of results court heard the fire brigade had raised concerns about the police order at the time of the incident in December 2009.

Fire and Rescue NSW has since purchased advanced Respirex Tychem Body Bags designed to transport potentially contaminated bodies.

A spokesman said: always work hard to ensure deceased persons are treated with appropriate dignity and respect. We regret those (body bags) were not available for use in 2009 but we have been proactive in identifying and implementing a solution. State Coroner Mary Jerram said an error had been made which had been rectified grim details of the treatment of Mrs Rendaric body formed the backdrop to the three day inquest which focused on how she could have ingested the poison itself.