pandora charm Nelly detained with 36 bags of

Nelly detained with 36 bags of heroin 0

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limit my search to /r/Drugsuse the f pandora charm ollowing search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. He was pro pandora charm mptly arrested while the others were allowed to go free.

Now if I get pulled over with my friend and the cops find that he had half a gram of weed in his pocket that I didn even know he had, that he then claimed to be his, we still both get screwed. It such bullshit how celebrities get treated like this.

Oh yeah, don get me wrong, I wholeheartedly agree with you that it some serious bullshit that he just gets let go because his friend said it ALL his, which is a ridiculous statement to begin with. I think it probably safe to assume that the cops got a little something to pad their pockets and were like, well okay, we let you off the hook, but something has to come of this, somebody has to pay. Luckily for that guy, I sincerely hope that Nelly will be paying for his lawyers and shit and hopefully he doesn get fucked too bad. Though it was a bad decision to step up like that, I think.

If it with my friends, and it really is mine, you bet your ass I step up and say that the shit mine, but if it not, I not gonna take all the blame and the fallout for it.

I definitely agree that most cops, especially when pulling over teens or young adults are generally just assholes, but there have been a few times I had encounters with cops pandora charm who weren looking to be totally shitty and ruin my/our day, and let us go with a warning. That said, it always good to assume the worst, and if I or anyone else has anything illegal in the car, I not gonna speed, my headlig pandora charm hts will be working, seatbelts will be buckled; I don want any reason to talk to any cops.

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