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Nelson designer has bags of talent

If you’re a regular market goer, you might have see pandora charm n Kohl Cochineal at Nelson’s Saturday market on summer mornings. That’s where she and Mr Hay sell seconds and samples. Because the bags are so labour intensive, it would be uneconomic to have piles of stock on hand, so Ms Leggat can’t make every piece ahead of time. Yet it can sometimes take five entire bags until she’s satisfied with the design, which pandora charm pandora charm ng> means plenty of samples are left over. Once the bags are in stores, each order is custom made, wi pandora charm th customers happy to wait a fortnight for it to be produced and shipped. Ms Leggat is also able to fit the designs to their requirements such as adding a longer strap, or sewing a different pocket configuration.

In the future she’d love to expand into other accessories such as belts and jewellery, but at the moment feels her time is spoken for. “It’s hard to steal myself away to do those other things and do them properly,” she says. “It’s quite hard to visualise it being a huge multinational corporation at all; I like the boutiqueness of it. Obviously I’m still incredibly hands on; I still have a hand in making every single bag that goes out the door. I keep thinking I’ll run out of ideas. I haven’t yet.”