pandora charm Nemo Rhythm 25 Sleeping Bag

Nemo Rhythm 25 Sleeping Bag

As the summer fades and fall creeps along, the average backpacker recognizes his days on the trail and nights in the bag are at a close. Which means there’s plenty of room for the rest of us who know that the real show is just beginning, thanks to rough and ready gear like Nemo’s new Rhythm 25 sleeping bag.

The Rhythm 25 is filled with PrimaLoft synthetic down, which makes it highly resilient and supremely insulating remarkably, even when wet. That translates to a cozy ni pandora charm ght for one without a liner, even when temperatures drop to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. With a liner, you have a good shot of sleeping comfortably all the way through winter. And the best part of the bag? No more mummy sleeping. Its innovative spoon shape means there’s extra legroom, as well as shoulder space for side sleepers who tuck their knees closer to their chests, or simply the huskier among us. (That’s righ pandora charm t, mountain man, there is a sleeping bag for you.) The leg box is waterproof yet breathable, cutting down on the dreade pandora charm d “swamp bag” effect, and the innovative BlanketFold tucks around the opening, offering a cozy, bed like comfort.

We tested the Rhythm 25 in the changing forests of the Northeast and slept like babies, even in the short grass of an exposed clearing. Weighing in at just over 3 pounds, it’s also blissfully light, especially considering its temperature rating, which further takes the edge off your pack. Owning a Rhythm 25 will change your sense of what is possible. Which is to say, it’s a l pandora charm ittle dangerous you may never want to come home.