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neonate asphyxia

Could anyone tell me (or point me to studies that can indicate) the likely impact (particularly later in life) of 2 minute neonate asphyxia?

In case you pandora charm have the time for a summary of the background: the baby was born vaginally (thick meconium in pandora charm waters) at 40 weeks + 12 days to a mother on a Syntocinon drip; the cord was clamped and cut within several seconds of birth; the baby was placed on mother’s chest but did not spontaneously breath; baby had an APGAR of 3/10 at 1 minute; was removed for endotracheal suction and O2 bag resus; first gasp was 2 mins post clamping; APGAR was 10/10 at 5 minutes. Feel free to ask for any other info if that could help you to answer. The biggest risk for a newborn without spontaneous breathing at delivery is shown by the 5 minute apgar score. If it were still low, the prognosis is not as good, but a rapid recovery such as this has a very good outcome expectation. In absence of other complicating factors, I would anticipate a normal newborn. Of course it always makes sense to watch the baby closely pandora charm for any recurrent breathing difficulties, grunting, etc. in case there was some lung immaturity. But, I would expect no serious concerns based on th pandora charm is information alone.