pandora charm Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Ba

Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bags

Every year Neopets celebrates a birthday and with that comes the goodie bags. If you are lucky enough to receive one as a Random Event you can sell it for some quick NP or use it to play with your Neopet. Once you do that it disappears from your inventory but you could end up with a rare item or two in exchange. Even if you end up with some common items, the prices on them will increase as the demand for them increases. How does that happen? New people join the site, the Pant Devil steals things and accounts get frozen. One of the oddest things about the 7th year assortment of goodies is that the only thing, so far, that has been retired is the “Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bag”. Right now these are selling for about 3,500 NP on the Shop Wizard but from time to time you will see them selling for less. If you do, scoop them up because they are a retired item so that’s it, no more, fini. They do make for great Guild gifts and you never know when one of them will be holding a piece of “Shenkuu Themed Neopets 7th Birthday Cake”.

Most people assume that the Birthday Tambourines that were given out with the goodie bag are classified as Toys when in fact they are listed as Instruments. The cool thing about them is that you can give them to your pet to play with the same way you do a toy. This makes them happy and could possibly increase your chances of a random event happening. I have seen these selling for as litter as 10 NP and as much as 100 NP so shop around to get the best price. The colors include: “Silver Neopets 7th Birthday Tambourine”, “Pink Neopets 7th Birthday Tambourine”, “Purple Neopets 7th Birthday Tambourine” and “Green Neopets 7th Birthday Tambourine”

The toys in the goodie bag are birthday balloons that you can use to play with your pet. They include: “Starry Neopets 7th Birthday Ball pandora charm oon”, “Spotted Neopets 7th Birthday Balloon” and “Striped Neopets 7th Birthday Balloon”. These are currently selling for 40 NP 75 NP depending on the demand. You can find them for less if you scout around the Shop Wizard or catch someone getting rid of a ton of them on the Trading Post.

Food items are always great to stock up on when they are selling at low prices and because these are something that will eventually be retired, it makes sense to get them while they are still reasonable. The candies include: “Pink Neopets 7th Birthday Hard Candy”, “Green Neopets 7th Birthday Hard Candy” and “Purple Neopets 7th Birthday Hard Candy’ . If you can find them fo pandora charm r 100 NP or less you should stock up and hoard them.

The last items in the 7thyear goodie bag are as follows:

“Slice of Neopets 7th Birthday Cake” 70 NP 125 NP

“Neopets 7th Birthday Cake” 200 NP 300 NP

“Neopets 7th Birthday Gift Wrap Cake” 2,000 NP

“Neopets 7th Birthday Bundt Cake” 500 NP 750 NP

“Shenkuu Themed Neopets 7th Birthday Cake” 15,000 NP 18,000 NP

So there’s the scoop on the Year 7 goodies. If you are someone that hoards items you can still get a lot of the items that came from the bags at a reasonable price. The candies and cakes are the ones that are going to really go through the roof when they retire because they are food items and once you feed them to your pet they disa pandora charm ppear from your inventory. Year 7 was a good one at the site but didn’t have as many items as the Year 8 bag; let’s nope that the ones that come out for Year 9 are even more interesting!

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