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Man arrested while standing beside bagofstolen loot

Wit pandora charms hin 45 minutes of a burglary in Saanich on Sunday, Victoria police found a bag of the homeowner’s belongings and arrested one of three men believed pandora charms to be responsible.

Saanich pol pandora charms ice spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen on Wednesday commended the officers for their work, saying charges are likely to come for the three people believed to be involved, including one prolific offender who was on parole. on Sunday, according to Jantzen, who said the men denied owning the bag.

The bag contained several items, including a computer and jewelry, stuffed inside a pillow case.

Investigators are obtaining fingerprint records of all three men, who are well known to police, but such a connection may not be necessary for charges, according to Jantzen.

“If they can connect it forensically, great, but if not, there are other avenues to pursue charges through the doctrine of recent possessions,” he said.

When the Saanich resident arrived at his home Sunday afternoon, he heard noises upstairs and called police immediately. Officers secured the home and determined someone had broken a window at the back of the pandora charms house to get inside.

The man arrested was held in custody for breaching his parole.

He is on probation for prior property offences and on parole for a host of other offences, Jantzen said.

People can be found in breach of their parole for being in possession of stolen property or even for associating with certain people they are prohibited from seeing, Jantzen said.