pandora charms uk New Imprinted Pens Won’t Overf

New Imprinted Pens Won’t Overfill The Landfill

As a retailer of business promotional items in bulk, we’re quite concerned about the environmental impact of what we sell. While we can’t find recyclable or biodegradable versions of everything we sell (that would be difficult with imprinted USB memory sticks, for example) our research and has shown us that that options for eco friendly promotional products are much wider than most people think.

When people think of environmentally friendly products they normally think of reusable and recyclable products. Technically, nearly everything is reusable, but for our purposes it’s more important to look at reusable versions of things that aren’t normally used again. One great example of this is the shopping bag. An imprinted tote bag is a fantastic, eco friendly alternative that gets your business’ name out there ” as well as a message that you’re environmentally conscious. As far as recyclable products go, we sell a great many products made from recycled materials.

The one item that really surprised us with the range of eco friendly opportunities is the pen. When people think of imprinted pens they normally visualize plastic, which can be recycled material. Once we saw the possibilities of other materials, however, we saw that you don’t have to completely pandora charms uk rely on plastic.

There are two great pens in our catalog right now that really showcase the role of emerging materials in allowing for a wider range of bulk imprinted promotional items. We found a biodegradable translucent click action ballpoint pen that, believe it or not, isn’t made of plastic! While plastic is a bioinert material that takes years to disintegrate. Instead, the pen is made of a cornstarch based material. The most amazing thing was that it retained all of the attractive design elements of plastic.

The other remarkable pen in our catalog is the Enviro pen. This is another ballpoint pen that is just as attractive as its plastic counterpart. Unlike a standard imprinted pen, however, the Enviro pen’s shell is made from recycled paper with a wood clip. The pen’s body is sturdy enough to take your imprint and act as a handy pandora charms uk gift for clients, but it biodegrades just like the wood and paper it’s made of.

These pens are just one part of a small revolution that’s happening in bulk items that helps companies with an environmental consciousness feel good about trade show giveaways and other mass promotions again. There are bags, mugs and al kinds of other products available. Years ago, nobody would have even thought of designing pens like these. The demand just wasn’t there. Now, environmental consciousness has triggered an explosion of innovative eco friendly promotional products made of the most surprising materials. These are fantastic ways to promote your brand because, after all, imprinted pens with the name and vital info of your company are classic pandora charms uk giveaways. By emphasizing the eco friendly nature of these pens, however, you por pandora charms uk tray your company as the kind of responsible party people want to do business with. Just make sure people know that they’re not holding plastic in their hands!