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New Limited Edition Hits Before HELLBOY II

Starting next week Warner Brothers will have a plethora of superhero DVD tie in titles to coincide with The Dark Knight. Yet, this week Anchor Bay is releasing the best DVD tie in of the month. This hero isn a rich business man and he doesn have a l pandora charms uk ot of cool toys. He has a blue collar attitude and bares the right hand of doom. Hellboy Animated (Limited Edition 2 Pack with Figurine) is the prefect way to kick off July.

Swor pandora charms uk d of Storms and Blood and Iron are Hellboy Animated movies which have the stars of Hellboy reprising their roles. Both films are directed by Tad Stones (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) and play more towards the comics mythology than the Guillermo del Toro movies (both animated features are creatively produced by del Toro though). If you are not a fan or a read pandora charms uk er of Hellboy these animated films are a great look into his universe.

Sword of Storms is a great blend of western and Japanese mythology. Hellboy must find a way to battle two ancient evil gods imprisoned in a samurai sword. Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien are off to the rescue Hellboy but are detoured when they have to save the world instead of their friend. Sword of Storms follows the classic hero on a quest story line but it is Mike Mignola (Hellboy creator) take on the mythologies that make the story fresh.

Blood and Iron plays out as if it were an old Hammer Film. John Hurt reprises his role from the original Hellboy movie as Professor Bruttenholm in this gothic tale of harpies and hellhounds. Hellboy comes face to face with the goddess of magic, Hecate, who keeps enticing Hellboy to join her in her quest to end mankind. This sequel to Sword of Storms further establishes the Hellboy Animated saga and demands a series films or at least mo pandora charms uk re animated features.

Not only do you get kick ass animated features and a ton of Hellboy special features but two comics as well. The coup de grace for the box set is a Hellboy Animated figure complete with the sword form the Sword of Storms. This box set is limited 20,000 copies and a must have for Hellboy fans. As action figure fans go, what could be better than two great animated features plus a figure you have to open so you can watch both movies? Best movie tie in DVD ever!