pandora charms uk New liquor laws in place in Sy

New liquor laws in place in Sydney CBD

The NSW government’s promised 3am last drinks and 1.30am lockouts for CBD and Kings Cross licensed premises came into effect at 12.01am (AEDT) on Monday.

A statewide ban on takeaway alcohol sales after 10pm is also in place.

Mr Souris said he understood concerns the new lockouts would prompt late night migra pandora charms uk tions to city fringe suburbs but said the syst pandora charms uk em was flexible and boundaries would be tweaked if necessary.
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“I think it’s warranted but the area that we’re talking about, the Sydney entertainment district, the CBD including Kings Cross and so on, is a very, very large area,” he told the ABC.

When a similar regime of lockouts and last drinks were introduced in Newcastle, he said, pandora charms uk “there wasn’t that venue morphing going on” between the restricted city premises and pubs and clubs in nearby Hamilton.

“I’m pretty sure most people will get the message and I just ask people to be more compliant generally in their nature, to understand the new emphasis this puts on personal responsibility,” Mr Souris said.