pandora charms uk New MA in Scoring for Film Vis

New MA in Scoring for Film Visual Media accepting applications now

Conductor and composer Derek Gleeson is the course director. He has been Music Director of the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra since 1997, is director of Screen Training Ireland’s film scoring programme, and has composed a number of film scores.

Gleeson has talked about the versatility required for and provided by the course: “today’s world means that a composer can be very versatile which is why we have the film scoring and visual media, because it’s not just about film scoring anymore pandora charms uk it is also about television, games, and music for the internet.”

He also commented about how the Masters course simultaneously goes back to the basics required for scoring, but is also adapted for the new age: “computers have become a great tool but skills have also been lost because of computers. So we basically give grounding in scoring movies without the age of computers then they build on that and [the students] bring in technical and computer skills.”

Modules offered by the course include Fundamentals of Film Scoring, Score Analysis and Compositional Techniques, Orchestration and Arranging, and Studio Conducting and Score Supervision among others. There is a project submitted at the end of the year, as Derek explains: “Each person has to go away and work on a specific project which they have to initiate, as is usually the case with MAs. It would be supervised by the project supervisor.”

Applicants need to have a completed a BA degree before applying (full information for Admissions can be viewed here), but pandora charms uk Derek also emphasises the importance of the applicant’s portfolio in demonstrating they are right for the course. He also stated that this portfolio would be b pandora charms uk uilt upon through the consistent practical work that the course involves: “there will be two a pandora charms uk ssignments per module in terms of recording, so [students] should come out with an ample portfolio at the end of the programme.”

By the end of the programme, students will have the skills to work in a number of positions including composer, orchestrator, music editor, music supervisor or music editor, in a number of industries such as film, TV, gaming and other audio and visual media.

When asked about the personal attributes one needs to pursue this course, Derek emphasised “tenacity” and being “extremely competitive”, stating “it’s really a tough business so the reality is he who gets the gig wins.” He also noted that “a producer or director doesn’t necessarily choose people the same way a composer would choose, they might be looking for different things”, concluding that “skills are very important; then charm and tenacity are the two things I think will go a long way.”