pandora charms uk New MBA in the Music Industry

New MBA in the Music Industry Promises to Meet Music Industry Challenges in the 21st Century

It makes no difference whether we work i pandora charms uk n a physical domain or digital domain. The Artist is not always the composer and composers do not benefit from merchandising or income from ticket sales.

Because the music industry is lumped into one bag (the major corporate) and due to the lack of understanding as to how musicians, composers and artists actually earn their income, there is little understanding or sympathy for the individual. It easy when the person they are hurting has no name, no face, or no family background. This is wrong. My dissertation, Tightening the Net Making the Net Pay, was the first of its kind written in 2002, 18 months before industry reports surfaced focusing on the growth of internet pirate sites and the potential threat to the indus pandora charms uk try. It took the industry a long time to react and when it did it was not a strategy that was well thought out.

Government has also not responded robustly either and so we are now witnessing a substantial loss of income, loss of careers, loss of creativity with people giving up their crafts and doing something else because they cant make the business model work for them.

I think it important to have a backdrop.

I firmly believe you must always look to fulfilling your customer needs, and that being agile and flexible is key to driving any business or industry forward. The world of the Internet is wonderful. The digital domain offers huge possibilities. Sti pandora charms uk ll, the industry is not ready either in its mindset or capabilities to really harness this.

My one big wish, which would demonstrate to me that the industry was heading in the right direction, is to let competition between l pandora charms uk abels be focused on content: music and artists. Let all the heads of digital departments at the labels (there only a few now) develop an industry strategy when licensing digital innovators. At present every new digital innovator has to approach each major label separately.