pandora charms uk New member from DFW with Ohio

New member from DFW with Ohio roots

I am currently in the Dallas area and I work in technology. I have had the RE bug for over a decade. About 5 or 6 years ago we too pandora charms uk k the plunge and bought some investment property. A HUD “ugly” home that we bought, fixed up (spent too much on repairs) but still managed to make a great cashflow off it, and because it was cheap, we paid it off quickly and had even better cashflow. We rented that out for a coupl pandora charms uk e years successfully, and when we started a family and moved a bit further north, we sold it (for a modest profit) in addition. The other property I purchased was a mobile home out of town (San Antonio) through a “turnkey” type operation. While they seem to be better organized now and more successful, I was sort of left holding the bag after the team they put in place fell apart and I was 5 hours away. Needless to say that one pandora charms uk was not a success. I ended up giving it away, probably lost money but not a ton. My family also owns a farm and a rental house in Ohio which they lease out both of those so I am fam pandora charms uk iliar with how that works as well.

We took a break for the past 4 years or so while we started our family and I was working at a start up company. That company was successful and we were bought out by a company that later went IPO. It could have been amazing amounts of money but like many tech stories, the value imploded before many of us were able to sell our shares. I still got a very nice payday from that, but not the 7 figures amounts it was on paper. Therefore, I am doing one more company and trying to make that one successful. If it is, and there is even a moderate payday from that, I intend to change careers and work for myself in real estate, using my company buyout money and savings to fund growth. Even if the company is not successful, I would have to think long and hard about doing it one more time. My industry is a young person’s industry with lots of crazy hours and now that I have some little ones I just don’t have the passion to work myself to the bone unless it’s for my own enrichment and not to a large extent for the enrichment of someone above me (even if I get a nice cut.)

I am working on sharpening my education about real estate, and looking at options in Dallas and also back in Ohio. We have lived in Columbus, Cleveland, and Toledo areas and are familiar with all of them although if we moved back it would probably be to the Columbus area which from everything I read is another great market. I hesitate to pull the trigger on investments at this exact moment in time because my responsibilities (and payout) at the current company is even larger than last time and it does take all of my waking hours. I have considered a turnkey type situation but I just haven’t gotten comfortable enough with that idea yet, I think my mobile home experience factors into that a bit.

So there you go. I will be around on the forums, maybe at some meet ups if I can find one that works with my schedule. I expect to learn a lot from everyone and hopefully make some friends and contacts both in TX and in OH, and as the opportunities present themselves and/or the timing is right, make some deals happen.