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New Member in a Successful Family

Closer LookWe received the drive in a kind of “semi OEM packaging”. It’s rather strange, but there are three shipment versions of this model:

A classical retail version the drive comes in a box with an IDE cable, an audio cable, fasteners, installation CDs, and software bundle (PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold, Nero Express InCD) enclosed. Unfortunately, blank discs are missing here. The manufacturer has become economical since the last model that used to come with a dual later DVD+R blank. An OEM version the drive is packed in an antistatic bag, and that’s all. Semi OEM, as we received. This comes with an antistatic bag and a user manual.

The new drive has the same face as the GSA 4160. You don’t see the pandora charms uk decorative gray strip, because it is a feature of the retail version and is missing in the OEM one. Otherwise, it’s the same tray with the likewise rounded corners. There’s still a “Super Multi” symbol on the tray next to the more traditional logotypes of the supported formats. Super Multi means the drive can not only read, but also write to media of the DVD RAM pandora charms uk format.

The indicators and controls are still rather scanty pandora charms uk : an eject button (it is curiously shaped but easy to use), a read/write LED indicator (it’s not very informative, being a single color indicator), and a hole for an emergency extraction of the disc pandora charms uk . The overall appearance is a good combination of prudence, elegance and certain minimalism. Now let’s have a look at the device’s rear.

We’ve got a standard selection of connectors here. The new and old models look much alike to each other from this point of view. The connectors’ labels are now placed on the cover of the drive and are not repeated above the connectors, as it was with the LG GSA 4160. There are no vent holes here. The manufacturer must have taken care about the cooling of the device and is sure the electronic components won’t require additional airflow. It is really so the drive remained rather cool during our tests. Now let’s take a look at its bottom: