pandora charms uk New metal detectors at stadium

New metal detectors at stadium get mixed reviews

“God I hope it’s more enjoyable then an airport,” says Andy Gorchov, Mile High Stadium Manager.

For years, stadium security has used traditional pat downs but now every fan will be scanned using handheld metal detectors which caused delays getting into the stadium. pandora charms uk

“We want to minimize the inconvenience to the fan. The lines are one of the biggest things we focus on. We knew it was going to be a learning curve,” Gorchov said.

Some fans understand the need. pandora charms uk

“You gotta do what you gotta do. Safety first. I pandora charms uk am all for that,” one Bronco fan said.

Others don’t want the inconvenience.

“We pay our money for tickets. Now we’ve missed pregame, the national anthem, the fly over, the Bear Troopers. We have been in line one hour and we still aren’t in,” an pandora charms uk other fan said.

Gorchov says they learned a lot from last week.

“We are figuring out how much staff we need at each particular gate. We are working though staffing levels and using all the amount of space at the gates,” Gorchov said.