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New Mexico LLC

Others may be familiar with the site but if you give some more information, even alot of info, many here might recognize the deal and comment as well.

Just from the title of the site it sounds like an attorney trying to drum up estate planning and trust work, but then it might be another scam selling you a pack of forms, sorry I know nothing about it. Bill

In 1993 the state of New Mexico adopted some of the most powerful LLC legislation that has made New Mexico a premiere choice for those seeking privacy and asset protection.

An LLC takes the limited liability features of a corporation and combines them with the “pass through” tax benefits of a partnership. It is literally the best of both worlds. LLCs are flexible and simple to form and are much easier to maintain than other entities. The low cost, minimal maintenance, no annual reporting, and total anonymity lifts our proprietary Invisible New Mexico LLC head and shoulders above any other state corporation or LLC including those from Delaware, Wyoming, and even Nevada.

Internationally, the LLC is the most common form of business entity in use. While LLCs were being discussed in law reviews in the 1950s, it was not until Wyoming adopted its LLC Act in 1977, that the entity found its way to the United States. Soon after, virtually every state adopted their own LLC legislation.

Limited liability companies are now the entity of choice for individuals and businesses seeking the ultimate in privacy and asset protection.

Many Asset Protection Consultants promote Nevada Corporations and Offshore Entities at premium prices and high maintenance fees. What most of these promoters will not tell you is that the New Mexico LLC offers the same benefits at a fraction of the price. You also have a much lower profile. The New Mexico LLC is one of the ultimate asset protection and privacy tools!

In New Mexico, only the following is required for the Articles of Organization:

(1) the name of the company and the address of the principal office (which we can provide)

(2) the name and address of the Registered Agent (details below), and

(3) the duration of the LLC, which can be limited or perpetual

This state does not require the names of the owners therefore your name does not show up on the public records! In fact, your name is not on any document o pandora charms uk ther than your Private Operating Agreement which you control. The mailing address of the principal office can be anywhere in the world. There are no annual fees or reports which means changes in ownership are not of public record. This is significant when compared to states like California that charge a minimum $800 annual franchise tax!

It is not necessary to live in New Mexico to set up your asset protection plan with a New Mexico Limited Liability Company.

The laws in all states require that both corporations and limited liability companies have a Registered Agent in that state who can receive “service of process” on behalf of the company. Registered Agent fees typically run $100/year per LLC. We have arranged a special package savings that comes with your purchase.

The New Mexico LLC is most powerful when used as a “holding” company for your assets, bank accounts, and other business interests. Order your Asset Protection Package today and start achieving greater privacy, asset protection, and prosperity! When you order you will also receive our exclusive Operating Agreements and Proprietary Support Documents pandora charms uk . These documents are written with specific language tailored to the privacy minded individual. Our support documents alone are worth their weight in gold.

Gee, guess I did know something about it after all, lol. The key to any good LLC is not so much where it is incorporated but is how the Operating Agreement is constructed and allows for the operation of the entity.

SInce this site is made up of real estate investors, and while making it more di pandora charms uk fficult to obtain a name of a member, the other issues of liability are not that much different, especially any issue arising out of a real property issue will, by state statute, usually be adjudicated where the property is located.

It not hard to find the individuals responsible for a property, the easiest way is to simply get the address where the tax bill is sent, which is in the public domain.

Hi, that might be a good idea, if you think you will need to hide out. In Texas you have a Series LLC, why hide? San Angelo is not that big, IMO, the asset protection angle is blown way out of proportion for the average investor. Liability insurance is cheap. Evaluate your business plan, examine your real risk of exposure to the possibilities and manage your business to reduce the risk in the first place. I never hide out and don need to! The Texas LLC is an excellant risk management entity/tool, why get sucked in by “attorney hipe” to sell their product? Bill

As for scum bags, don be afraid of stories first of all. Most of the time, if they don have money for rent, they don have money for an attorney to file a suit, I mean think about it, are they saving their money instead of pay pandora charms uk ing rent just to sue you? The other is that you eliminate hazards that can be the basis of a suit, just in case there really is an ambulance chasing attorney with a soft spot out there. That what liability insurance is for, and it will probably be cheaper than maintaing an out of state LLC! Good luck, Bill