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New Montgomery County fee is ‘in the bag’

BETHESDA, Md. Most of us expect to carry bag pandora charms uk s home after shopping. In Montgomery County you’ll soon have a financial incentive to carry bags to the store.

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, all ret pandora charms uk ailers in the cou pandora charms uk nty will be required to collect 5 cents for every paper or plastic carryout bag provided to customers. Retailers include grocery and department stores, service stations and permanent booths in malls.

Retailers keep one out of every five cents they charge for the bags. The money the government collects will be dedicated to programs that fight litter and control stormwater pollution in Montgomery County.

Stores will be required to indicate on the customer’s receipt the number of carryout bags they charged for.

Some bags are ex pandora charms uk empt from the law, including bags used to hold prescription drugs, bags used to package a bulk item (such as fresh produce) and doggie bags to take home prepared food from a restaurant.