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Like the proverbial pony supposedly buried under a mountain of manure, the pandora charms uk re are some funny comedy moments to this sequel that was almost a decade in the making. The only problem is getting through all of that stinky material to fin pandora charms uk d the gems.

Will Ferrell reprises his role as the socially inept, emotionally awkward, journalistically impaired news pandora charms uk anchor Ron Burgundy. Through a series of relatively bland ev pandora charms uk ents, Burgundy finds himself working at the first 24 hour news channel. The idea sounds absurd to him, but the money and fame are too much to turn down.

Early in the movie, when Burgundy has been reduced to being a SeaWorld host, a young girl shouts “Children and animals hate you, Ron Burgundy.” That’s wrong, little girl. It’s children, animals and at least one film critic when it comes to this overdone sequel.