pandora charms uk New Orleanians dreaming up a w

New Orleanians dreaming up a whole new bag

Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeIt was gators that brought Ashley Porter to New Orleans.Best known for her Porter Lyons Jewelry collection, Porter started out making exotic skin belts. moved to Louisiana to find a good source for alligator. I turned to a jewelry line after I found the alligator backbone that became the model for her signature look.It origami that moves her today. Her newest project: handbags.wanted a bag that was different, that had an element of surprise when you opened it, she says. Thus the origami like folds and pockets of the Gris Gris bag. great for travel. It lies flat if you pack it. fossil y motif recurs here as well. zipper pull on the bag carries through with the medallion that a direct casting (of the gator bones). the pattern for the bag took about two months.thing I str pandora charms uk uggled with: I like an outside pocket, but for this first handbag, due to the nature of the skin, I couldn do it (cut it to make a pocket). The skin is what people are paying for. I do an outside pocket on a larger tote that faux, meaning basic leather with an embossed alligator print rather than real gator skin.Porter currently has one bag in each of the seven material combinations.real Louisiana gator, in Grade 1 skin from a dom pandora charms uk estic tannery in Lafayette, is themost expensive: $2,800. A python version is $825, and the least expensive is gator embossed leather at $425.This clutch is one of a series of new locally made leather bags by Bats on Tees.Another handbag debut comes from Bats on Tees, whose Winter 2014 collection of locally handcrafted leather bags recently hit the market. Saints fans know Bats on pandora charms uk Tees as a source for clear purses that meet new NFL stadium regulations. But founder Tiffany Napper wanted to score a few extra points pandora charms uk in that collection by adding other textures, such as PVC and leather. The smallest piece in the leather collection fits inside the clear bags, and the combo still meets NFL regs.The largest is the Cherished Clutch, which doubles as a purse or a case for tablets or iPads. The collection styles, including cross body versions, come in an assortment of burgundy, tan and black leathers, each with a handmade leather tassel.