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New Orleanians’ food relief trip to Cedar Rapids was

“Our original goal was 300 meals and we served over 1,700″ in less than three days in Cedar Rapids and nearby Palo. Sins said. Children enjoyed a Mardi Gras mask making art table; there were second lines, bead throwing and mor pandora charms uk e. More than 100 meals were deliv pandora charms uk ered to Cedar Rapids neighborhoods, and the group worked to clean and gut five homes.Four Iowa bands provided music, and more than 220 volunteers from the area joined in the Louisiana efforts, which were widely covered by local television and radio.Courtesy of NOLA CooksMany New Orleans area stores, restaurants, individuals and food manufacturers donated to the event.Many New Orleans area stores, restaurants, individuals and food manufacturers donated to the event. Sins said the group prepared and served 150 pounds of Blue Runner Red Beans, 600 pounds of rice, 200 pounds of jambalaya base, 200 pounds of etouffee base, 13 rum cakes, 25 bags of salad, 1 gallon of Galatoire’s Creole Vinaigrette, 1,000 prepackaged snacks, 1,000 cookies, pastries, brownies etc.; 300 servings of Cool Brew iced coffee, 400 bags of Zapps Potato Chips, 15 blocks of Velveeta cheese, six cases of canned carrots, two cases of canned green beans, 100 pounds of smoked sausage, 25 pounds of grits, 40 pounds of trail mix, 10 pounds of butter, six pounds Louisiana crawfish (to area volunteers), 500 hot dogs, 50 loaves of Leidenheimer French Bread, 125 boxes of Aqua2Go, 500 individual Tabasco sauces, 12 Boxes Magic Seasoning Hot Sauce, 12 Boxes Magic Seasoning Creole Seasoning, three cases LA Fish Fry Hot Sauce, three cases LA Fish Fry Creole Seasoning, 100 pounds Zatarains Jambalaya Mix, 25 pounds onions, 50 pounds roast beef and gravy, 500+ individual servings of milk and chocolate milk, 1,700 bottles of water, 70 gallons lemonade and 15 gallons of tea.”Thanks to the generosity of New Orleans residents, during our time in Cedar Rapids we distributed gift cards directly to flood victims to assist in their rebuilding efforts,” Sins said. “Additionally, members of our team were able to raise about $2,500 and the funds were matched by Cedar Rapids businesses to provide $5,000 to our adopted families through Partnership for Safe Families.”Since donations are still arriving, we hope to raise an additional $2,500 to go directly to the family our group has adopted, and to make them first family back in their neighborhood.”Based on the feedback and thank y pandora charms uk ou notes, residents of Cedar Rapids and Palo had a fabulous weekend and a nice break from stresses of post flood life. We may have even developed some new fans of Louisiana cooking!”Sins added that just before the group departed, the boxes of canned carrots and green beans were donated, and that she had no ide pandora charms uk a how to cook them.”We had loads of sausage grease from cooking 50 pounds of sausage, brown sugar and rum from old New Orleans Rum Company. Our kitchen team decided, ‘Who doesn’t like rum, brown sugar and sausage?'”