pandora earrings Neopets Trick or Treat Bags

Neopets Trick or Treat Bags

Was it a glitch? No one knows for sure but there were more than a few people claiming that the “Cute N Creepy Trick or Treat Bag” given out last year was also being given out at select locations this year. Conspiracy theorists were working over time trying to figure out how this happened and how some people were able to collect them when it wasn’t even Halloween. What ever the case, it cause a drastic drop in price on some of the items that had pandora earrings been given o pandora earrings ut with that specific bag. Items like the “Wrapped Halloween Chocolate Chia” and “Chocolate Korbat Wings” went from the 100 NP range to about 15 NP in about an hour. Of course I was there hoarding, did you expect any less from me? The sites where these bags were spotted included: Kreludan Mining, Deserted Fairground Scratchcards, Smugglers Cove, Tyrammet Village, Culinary Concoctions and Lord Darigan’s Chambers. I checked the places several times during the day and saw nothing. Some people on the message boards for The Haunted Faire said that they could only get one or two of them. I am sure TNT pandora earrings will have some kind of an explanation and if it was a glitch the post holiday clean up on it is going to be massive. If people got the bags by mistake and sold them then what happens to the NP they made from them? Or the people who bought them? Or the people who bought the items from the bags? It is something that leaves this hoarder more than a little nervous.

After getting the “Dark Lurker Avatar” at a minute before Halloween I was more than ready to get the actual festivities of my favorite holiday underway. I refreshed at the usual places where the Halloween bags were found in previous years and nothing. Was this some cruel trick on the part pandora earrings of TNT? Was it true that we had to wait until after the time we had collected them in 2009? The message boards were a hotbed of posts and as usual, there was a lot of bogus information. Alas, Halloween has come and gone and there were no treat bags to collect outside of the free one at the NC Mall and the ones from the Apple Bobbing stand.

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday and TNT was not in the office I am sure they will be in for a lot of tickets to deal with Monday morning. People were worried about being frozen for collecting the bags since they were not something available to everyone. While it is easy to groan and complain that there were no “new” bags released, the ones from the Apple Bobbing stand did contain some sweet prizes.

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