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New Aldi in Northwest Greensboro opens today

The store on New Garden Road officially opened today, but a preview event was held for shoppers Wednesday pandora earrings . It is the third Aldi to open in Greensboro. There are others on Randleman Road and High Point Road. pandora earrings

The store joins three other nearby groceries: The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods.

Aldi, a limited assortment discount grocery chain, was fo pandora earrings unded in Germany. The chain operates more than 9,500 stores internationally, with most of them in Europe. There are more than 1,200 stores in the United States.

The name is short for Albrecht Discounts. Brothers Karl and the late Theo Albrecht, who also own Trader Joe’s, co founded Aldi.

The store sells items under the ALDI exclusive brand. Store officials and shoppers say the prices are cheaper than traditional grocery stores.

“It’s very economical,” said Strahle pandora earrings r, who has shopped at various Aldi stores for 17 years.

Aldi is able to keep its prices low through various cost saving measures. Its stores are small and operate with few staff. The new store has just 10 employees, said Aldi district manager Rhonda Turner.

And a lot of the inventory is displayed on pallets instead of shelves.

Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own bags, although the store does offer bags 6 cents for paper and 11 cents for plastic, according to Turner. And customers must pay a quarter to use a cart, but they get their money back when they return the cart.

“We believe in cutting out the frills so we can sell things for a lower price,” Turner said.

The store also sells non food items, such as kitchen accessories, and offers what it calls special buys on those. Those buys are highlighted in the store with red signs.