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New Animation Gaming Course in Galway

It aims to develop new talent for current and future industry needs in the area of animation, games, visual effects and digital media. Develo pandora earrings pment of the programme is in response to a skills shortage in the animat pandora earrings ion and games industries, with 44% of companies in these and related sectors citing recruitment and staffing as their main business concern.

Forfs have identified gaming and animation as a growth area and recognises the demand for highly skilled graduates. The programme will support policy initiatives on developing skills in creativity, design and innovation, as well as addressing future skills shortage in online sales, marketing and advertising pandora earrings , online media, smart technologies and media content cr pandora earrings eation.

Students at the Galway Technical Institute will gain hands on experience in the design and development of games and animation through modules such as Three Dimensional Computer Graphics, Games Analysis Design, Animation Drawing Studies, Animation, Design Skills and Audio Production, and students will also take part in a ten day work placement.