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MostRad Executive Minimalist Wallet Review

Best for: Transforming your overstuffed, George Costanza wallet into somethi pandora jewellery ng that holds just the essentials.

One day, Brandon Stastny finally got really sick of his obese and disorganized wallet, prototyped a better idea out of duct tape, threw the thing up on Kickstarter, and blew away his fund raising goal by more than 1,000 percent. He’s still working on keeping up with demand. His idea was the Minimalist, and, apparently, it’s exactly what a lot of men had been s pandora jewellery earching for.

We like it, too. It’s all about security, speed, and a slim profile. But even without the RFID blocking layer hidden behind the leather lining, this would still be an ideal wallet. With a profile just a bit bigger than that of a credit card, the front pocket friendly Minimalist allows everything you really need but forces you to figure out what exactly that is. While there are two i pandora jewellery nterior pockets, there’s no billfold pocket. But there is an elastic bill band. Opposite that are three card slots. And on the outside of the wallet pandora jewellery is a “slide pocket” a card pocket with a thumb pathway cut out for easy proffering of your favorite plastic. Now add to all that the fact that the Minimalist barely breaks an ounce on the scale.