pandora jewellery Moth Proof Dry Cleaning Bags T

Moth Proof Dry Cleaning Bags Toxic

It seems as though if you are twi pandora jewellery st tying them closed, they’re moth proof simply because the moths cannot get through the plastic. I have never heard of treated plastic bags, but normal plastic ones will smell plasticky. If they were treated, it should be on the packaging.

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posted by Cosine at 3:49 PM on August 26, 2013Moth balls are made of naphthalene or 1,4 dichlorobenzene, if that helps. The former smells a bit like tar (and tastes of narcissus flowers, accordin pandora jewellery g to the person who first isolated it); the latter you may know as urinal cakes.

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He’s selling these bags but doesn’t know anything about them?

I’d do some research on the internet before I packed my closet full of them. It’s now rec pandora jewellery ommended t pandora jewellery hat you air out your just dry cleaned clothing outdoors for several hours or overnight before you wear it or put it in the same room you sleep in, especially if it has that characteristic dry cleaned smell.