pandora jewelry New Copaxone shipment arrives

New Copaxone shipment arrives wet

I just received my copaxone shipment. Normally the box is a blue box pandora jewelry , that is sealed in a yellow plastic bag, and then the whole thing is tucked into another bag that includes at least one ice pack.

This time NO blue box. The syring pandora jewelry es are single counts, and all the same lot number, but were tucked into a ziplock bag with the Rx label slapped on the outside, and the ice pack on the INside! You know what this means? yep, all the syringes are wet. The ice melted, and the packages got soaked. Now there is water on the INside of the sealed needle sleeves. the paperwork is wet, and this is just UNacceptable.

I called Caremark to say WTH? where is my PROPER packaging? Are these left overs, rejects? or extra stock? I am simply NOT willing to deal with this. So, I get a good old fashioned tirade rant for my BD. huff huff.

Has anyone else ever received their supplies OUT of the blue box, or have the blue box missing?

Do you always receive your blue box? This is my first change in Rx, and changes freak me out.

Should I call shared solutions?

I spoke to the pharmacy who IS replacing ALL syringes only because it was wet. the ice pack was included next to the zip lock bag which was UNsealed, and the water was allowed to seep into the bag. The Caremark folks say Shared solutions leaves it to their discretion if the pandora jewelry y wish to include the blue box or if they wish to remove the rows of syringes from the blue box. That they were not breaking protocol by removing them from the package prior to shipment. My syringes are all dog eared, and the outter two are OPEN, and unsealed because they got dog eared in the process of being shoved into the box without the protective blue box.

Called shared solutions to report this instruction, and they were shocked. They report that the blue box is provided as a source of protection, and identifying the copaxone medicine by lot number and exp date clearly printed on the outside of the box. They found this practice to be UNacceptable, and would be investigating if other pharmacies have been shipping out their product without the box.

If you have been receiving your syringes WITHOUT the blue box that is supposed to protect them, please call Shared Solutions, and report this. They want to hear from anyone else who is having this issue, and want to assure that its being addressed.

06 25 2009, 02:15 PM

YIKES! Bet they didn’t even consider that the “Cold” packs would take the temp of the Copaxone below the recommended minimum. I had several that were shipped with the “cold” pack right next to the box and the set of syringes on that side were s pandora jewelry o cold that the medicine would not move in the syringe until I warmed it up in my hand.

SS and the mail order pharmacy always told me that they couldn’t get cold enough to freeze with those “cold” packs. Yet those shots were the ones that I always had IPIRs with. :rolleyes:

Thankfully I don’t have to worry so much with Betaseron.

Dejibo, sorry you have to hassle with them over it.

06 25 2009, 07:42 PM

Exactly! I expect ALL shipments to be THE SAME! dont send me single syringes, out of their box! WTF?! I was upset, and anxious over the whole thing. I explained that when you MUST inject yourself, and something changes in the meds, whether its the box, the color of the cap, or that they are wet, it FREAKS US OUT! Dont change anything. I got a big arguement about how they have the choice to send the box or not.