pandora necklace New custom computer turns off

New custom computer turns off after 1 sec

hey i just replaced my old motherboard, ram, and cpu with a new one and kept everything else the same. the only problem is that when i plugged everything in and hit the power button, the system turned on the fans and lights for about a second and then cut off. I tested the psu by hooking power back up to the old rig and it worked just fine, but the new one would not boot. I got fed up and went eat dinner. when i returned i tried to turn it on again and it cut off the first time i hit the power button, but i immediately hit it again and the system worked perfectly (no change from what i was doing earlier) then i provided to update some stuff on my computer and it went through roughly 5 restarts no problem. I turned it completely off again and now it wont come back on, same problem as i was having in the first place. any idea on what part is bad or how i can fix this?

my computer has these parts:

OCZ 600W ATX12V 2.01, BTX, EPS12V psuSet the motherboard on a non conductive surface. The motherboard box is perfect for this. DO NOT PLACE THE MOTHERBOARD ON THE STATIC BAG! It can actually conduct electricity! We are going to try and assemble a running system outside of the case.

Install the CPU and heat sink pandora necklace . Intel Guide AMD Guide

Install 1 stick of RAM.

Install the video card and attach the power supply connection(s) to the card if your card needs it.

Connect the monitor to the video card.

Connect the power supply to the motherboard with both the 24pin main ATX Power connection and the separate 4 or 8 pin power connection.

C pandora necklace onnect power to the power supply.

Do NOT connect ANYTHING else. Make sure you have the power connector on the CPU fan connected.

Use a small screwdriver to momentarily short the power switch connector on the motherboard. Consult your motherboard manual to find which two pins connect to your case’s power switch. Then touch both pins with a screwdriver to complete the circuit and boot the system.

If all is well, it should power up and you should get a pandora necklace display. Then assemble the parts into the case and try again. If the system now fails to boot, you have a s pandora necklace hort in the case and need to recheck your motherboard standoffs.

If the system does not boot after this process, then you most likely have a faulty component. You’ll need to swap parts, start with the power supply, until you determine what is defective.