pandora ring Mother charged in deaths of tw

Mother charged in deaths of two infants

incidents are more tragic than the death of a child, but when that death is allegedly at the hands of the mother it is unimaginable, said Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke.

it is two children, it is incomprehensible. Crown approved the second degree murder charges as opposed to charges of infanticide, which is common in cases of mothers killing their newborn babies.

felt that was the appropriate charge in this case, he said.

Second degree murder carries a possible life term while those found guilty of infanticide face a maximum five year prison term.

He added that Leung hid the first pregnancy from her family, too.

investigation of this scope and duration is not only complex but involves the expertise of professionals outside the police department, he said.

worked tirelessly in close consultation with Crown counsel for 14 months to bring this case to a close. turned herself in upon l pandora ring earning of the charges against her.

Lemcke wouldn discuss how the babies died or Leung alleged motives.

It unclear if the babies had the same father and Lemcke said no one else in the family or extended family is facing pandora ring charges.

would like to recognize the lead investigators on this case, a case that took an emotional toll on even the most seas pandora ring oned officers, he said. with the deaths of pandora ring infants is a terrible thing.