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Necco Conversation Hearts Make Some Changes For 2010

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Conversation hearts come to the forefront pandora ring of every one’s mind. At least it seems that way when bags and bags are sitting at the front cash regist pandora ring er whispering for you to pick them up.

Conversation Hearts have been a staple for Valentine’s Day since 1902. Although Necco was printing sayings on candy as far back as the 1860’s.

Family Circle magazine says “The classic conversation candies, Sweethearts, are getting a makeover for the first time in 145 years, with brighter colors (including sparkly ones); new flavors such as strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry and tech savvy terms of endearment like “text me” and Tweet Me” page 166.

This comes the year after the company jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, with a special release of hearts to coincide with the release of Twilight on DVD. They had also had plans to release the hearts year round with red, white and blue on Memorial Day and so on. I, personally, saw none of these changes in the store.

While the progress seems exciting especially with the thought of the sparkly ones, I am not happy with the change.

They did away with my most favorite flavor: the yellow banana ones. If I could have had a bag just of banana, I would have been in heaven. It has been replaced with Lemon. So the white ones are gone, the yellow (banana) is now lemon, and the green (lemon or lime?) is now green apple. The pink is now strawberry as opposed to cherry.

The packaging is now changed to something a little m pandora ring ore modern. While it is cute, the inside is just not appealing with the new flavors and the old flavors gone.

Why does everything have to change? I guess I do not understand how something so successful needed to be changed? I am not sure this will set well with con pandora ring sumers. I have a feeling that people will buy out of habit, then be in shock when they taste the new ones.

Not sure what the outcome will be with all of the change. I think this will no longer be my favorite candy. The truth is I live for Valentine’s Day because of Conversation hearts. The history of the candy and the taste was just too good to resist. I have often said I wished I could just get a bag of all yellow. I had friends who always wanted a bag of all white. Now both those flavors are gone.