pandora sale Masters in Innovation and Tech

Masters in Innovation and Technology Management with Engineering Management

Why did you choose to s pandora sale tudy at the University of Bath?

For me, the University of Bath was just the right choice. After working for a year in India, I wanted to learn more about management, while still holding my technical background. ITM is one of those rare courses which is not offered by many universities. Bath ranks amongst the top 10 universities for this conjunction of Engineering and Management modules. The subjects on the course give a very fair insight into technology management while using current case studies.

I have enjoyed the different games and activities that have been incorporated into the programme for a better understanding of the subject. And we had a very interesting trip to 3M. About 5 of the company’s managers took time out to spend the day with us and explain in detail about the ways of working in an innova pandora sale tive company. It was a good experience and of course, the goody bag in the end was the best of all

Did you find anything in particular difficult when you first arrived?

Bath is a very student friendly place. Going to Bath alone is not a problem for anyone. People here are very helpful and polite and understand the difficulties that an international student may face. Also, the University organizes umpteen parties and fun events at the beginning of term which really helps in meeting new people and makin pandora sale g friends.

How do you think the MSc in Innovation and Technology Management will help with your career prospects?

Innovation and Technology Management amalgamates the two departments of Engineering and Management in a way that gives a detailed overview of project management as a whole. Studying this combination has definitely heightened my understanding of innovations and their commercialization. With this knowledge my career prospects have pandora sale increased in an area where technology and management need to work in conjunction. Since most of the industries around the world are looking at innovations and sustainability, the career prospects for this degree definitely put me at an advantage.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

After I graduate I hope to work in a research based organization. I want to see in reality and contribute to turning inventions into innovations. After a couple of years, I would then eventually like to start my own business enterprise.