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March on Washington

People are coming to the mic to tell why they are going to Washington. Mary is tired of her civil liberties being taken. Dr. Rad wants everybody to commit to making pandora uk the country better. LaTonya. 22, wants to be part of history. She is rocking a black Trayvon t shirt. Jeff is fighting for a 50 state voting rights act to protect the right to vote. Zaria’s mother made her come. She is missing her high school football game. But she is excited to learn new things. Saturday the lobby of th pandora uk e Grand Hyatt is abuzz with members of the National Urban League and the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity wearing their black and gold tshirts. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a member of this fraternity as is my colleague Ernie Suggs. It clear already that today’s march will i pandora uk nclude lots of wide eyed jg abd excited young narchers.

by Angela Tuck, AJC 8/24/2013 11:49:01 AM

It’s sunny and warm in Washington today. Does anyone know w pandora uk hat the weather was like for the 1963 march? I was 4 then so I don’t remember. I started the morning watching Dr. King’s speech on You Tube. It was about 20 minutes long and he built it slowly, finishing with the cadence of a southern Baptist preacher. Does anyone remember the leader and then elder statesman who introduced Dr. King that day? Extra points if you can tell me his role in the historic march. Action4theDream Marchonwashingtonajc

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